Tango Desolado

Tango Desolado Pablo Neruda S Veinte Poemas De Amor Y Una Canci N Desesperada Defined The Heights Of Love And The Depths Of Loss For Generations Of Lovers, Readers, And Poets.Tango Desolado Is Samuel Peralta S Own Canci N Desesperada, His Song Of Despair, Coming On The Heels Of This Award Winning Author S Book Of Love Poems, How More Beautiful You Are.In This Collection, Peralta Engages The Reader In Stories Of Loss Of Love Unrealized, Unrequited, Bereft Weaving Hope, Melancholy, And Sorrow Into A Tapestry Of Emotion.Poignant And Intense, Tango Desolado Is An Extraordinary Record Of Longing, One That Will Linger In The Heart After Its Last Words Are Read.