The Light Fantastic

The Light FantasticThe Second Discworld Novel When The Very Fabric Of Time And Space Are About To Be Put Through The Wringer In This Instance By The Imminent Arrival Of A Very Large And Determinedly Oncoming Meteorite Circumstances Require A Very Particular Type Of Hero Sadly What The Situation Does Not Need Is A Singularly Inept Wizard, Still Recovering From The Trauma Of Falling Off The Edge Of The World Equally It Does Not Need One Well Meaning Tourist And His Luggage Which Has A Mind Of Its Own Which Is A Shame Because That S All There Is. Reading Sir Terry Pratchett s Discworld series makes me smile Because of his writing I invented the Smile O meter which measures smiles per book Pratchett always scores high.Three years after Terry Pratchett published The Color of Magic, the first Discworld book, he published the second, The Light Fantastic, having decided convincingly that this was a worthwhile project.Though the action in The Light Fantastic takes over immediately following the events in the first book, Rincewind has fallen off of the edge of the world, this novel seems to gather momentum from a good but somewhat shaky start and proceed with a comic authority While The Colour of Magic could have been a funny stand alone, Pratchett s entry with The Light Fantastic seems to usher in a certainty that the Discworld as a multiverse, as a literary institution, has begun and with no end in sight.Actually, I suppose he could have written a third, making the obligatory trilogy and then moving on to something else, but Pratchett wraps up his story tidily and leaves the fertile soil of Discworld as a fun idea from which books can be written There are over 50 works in publication, and the series is a phenomenon with over 80 million novels sold and in 37 languages Pratchett himself was k
Review to follow tomorrow, but tell me why have I waited so long to re read the Discworld books And the honest answer is, well for a while I didn t have a copy of any Discworld novel, due to the fact that as I think I ve mentioned before oh no am I getting so old I m repeating myself I lost so so so many books in one of my house moves, Discworld novels amongst them And then somehow I forgot just how good the books were.So The Light Fantastic picks up where The Colour of Magic left off and we find Rincwind, Twoflower and the Luggage in a precarious as normal situation In my view this is better than Colour of Magic in that it is less a series of quite disjointed stories and a whole novel We meet various other characters that help hinder attack welcome our intrepid trio as well as separating them and ultimately bringing it all back together for an amazing finale A great book that showcases the amazing
Re read with buddies I m still very much enjoying these early Pratchett books, especially in mind that I ll be seeing a lot of these folks in the near future And even if I ll mainly be focused on folks I haven t seen yet, anyway, I m still enjoying what may as well be an overview primer of the whole Discworld universe.That being said, I think Rincewind is given a bad rap in the series I love the hell out of him He s the ultimate bumbling idiot under the geas of a penultimate Eighth Spell, the casting of which will make or destroy the universe or something, and the making and breaking is ultimately left up only to him.And he s a wizard with a hat that says wizzard on it You know to make sure people understand that he s actually one of their kind I particularly loved the bits with the floating rocks and the computers o
I adore Terry Pratchett I don t know how to elaborate on that so I ll just share some of my favorite moments in Light Fantastic.Snarky social commentary She is there, down below the mines and sea ooze and fake fossil bones put there by a Creator with nothing better to do than upset archaeologists and give them silly ideas Not for the first time she reflected that there were many drawbacks to being a swordswoman, not the least of which was that men didn t take you seriously until you d actually killed them, by which time it didn t really matter anyway But she was too big to be a thief, too honest to be an assassin, too intelligent to be a wife, and too proud to enter the only other female profession generally available General humor Someone who spent his life living rough under the sky knew the value of a good thick book, which ought to outlast at least a season of cooking fires if you were careful how you tore the pages out Magic So that s what it felt like No wonder wizards didn t have much truck with sex She s not bad, said Twoflower She s going to marry a friend of ours Does he know Most people on the Disc were currently in a state of mind normally achievable only by a lifetime of dedicated meditation or about thirty seconds of illegal herbage The lamest pun ever Rincewind, all the shops have been smashed open, there was a whole bunch of peo
Put two of my favourite Discworld characters,the Luggage and Death, into the same book and I am obviously going to be happy This was a reread of this book which I read the first time many years ago Pratchett obviously improved his writing as the series progressed and his books became sophisticated, but these early works are still a delight I love the humour, the characters, the story and the sheer imagination of the man.The world is poorer withou
Decid darle una segunda oportunidad al Mundodisco, porque los fans de Pratchett me han comentado que la saga lo merece, no porque tenga alg n problema obsesivo compulsivo con dejar cosas sin terminary Wau las diferencias entre El color de la magia y La luz fant stica son abismales, casi todos los problemas que tuve con el primer libro se resuelven ac , este si me pareci gracioso, si es concluyente y resuelve una inc gnita del primer libro que me molestaba bastante Rincewind, a pesar de ser un mago bastante simpl n y no hacer magia, sobrevive a toda la serie de eventos desafortunados que se le ha presentado, pues hay una raz n para ello En la luz fant stica continuaremos la historia de Rincewind y Dosflores Two flo wers esta pareja dispareja que ha desarrollado una especie de amistad gracias a todas sus aventuras y cuya traves a por el Disco aun no termina, y que seria de ellos sin el fiel Equipaje el mejor de los artilugios m gicos de todos los tiempos, ademas, esta vez conoceremos a Cohen el b rbaro, el guerrero mas famoso del disco, que ya tien
The Light Fantastic Discworld 2 , Terry PratchettThe Light Fantastic is a comic fantasy novel by Terry Pratchett, the second of the Discworld series 2016 02 1392 290 9789646807860 20 Inside every sane person, there s a madman struggling to get out That s what I ve always thought No one goes mad quicker than a totally sane person The second installment in the Discworld series is a bigger, funnier delight One heck of a Laugh Out Loud read.Something I consider very special in Sir Terry Pratchett s works is that many authors can pull off a joke every once in a while in their stories but Mr Pratchett managed to keep the whole thing comical, while at the time satirical. Not once did I not grin or snort out loud.In The Colour of Magic, Rincewind was last seen read falling off the rim of the world Well, he landed safely on his arse Thank goodness or he couldn t be much use if he s dead.Things are turning quite grim now Great A Tuin the turtle is wading its giant flippers toward a red star The closer it is I feel very sorry for calling the World Turtle an it but in my defense, it s sex is still undetermined afterall to the star, the weaker and unbalanced the magic is back in Disc
3.5 stars yes, I actually liked the first one a bit better The important thing about having lots of things to remember is that you ve got to go somewhere afterward where you can remember them, you see You ve got to stop You haven t really been anywhere until you ve got back home Thus, this second book in the Discworld series is about the continued adventure of Twoflower, the very first tourist, and Rincewind, the failed wiz z ard with only one spell in his head.We get to know about that spell in particular and how it caused Rincewind to fail at being a wizard Moreover, we get to see much of the Unseen University and their machinations.At the beginning, we start where the last novel ended and I really think the two books should be considered one story Twoflower in the ship and Rincewind and the Luggage without a mode of transportation have gone overboard However, the m
You still love Terry Pratchett, after all these years Always Gandalf, Return of the Jedi.Jokes aside, my teen years were marked by edginess, heavy metal, nihilism and Terry Pratchett I think the latter was never a phase he is an author that will always be in my heart and in my head, providing bellyache inducing laughs whenever Death has

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