42 A Movie Tie In Novel About Jackie Robinson S Life Story In Theaters 4 12 13.A Novel Based On The Movie 42 A Biopic About Jackie Robinson S History Making Signing With The Brooklyn Dodgers As The First African American Major League Baseball Player.Includes A Full Color Insert Of Photos From The Movie. I think this was a good book but it didn t fit my personal interest It had a good story line and used details that made me feel like i was actually at the game listening to all the hate and hurtful comments that were thrown at Jackie my favorite character was Jackie Robinson because he was a fighter and blocked out all of the hate, he also was an amazing baseball player and didn t care that he was African American, he just wanted the play the sport and change the way people think and judge about his race my favorite part about the book was when there was another coach on the apposing team that kept giving Jackie hate, every time he got up to bat the coach would start shouting out rude and hurtful things toward Jackie, until one time after he bats and strikes out Jackie breaks, he runs into the locker room and starts cryin
I just read 42 The Official Movie Novel and I really liked the book To understand my review, You must know a little about the book first In this book, there is Jackie Robinson who is a African American baseball player who is trying to play in the MLB, which all the players are white Throughout the novel, he faces much discrimination and is even given death th
Jackie Robinson is all about being who you are and not caring what other people say Your skin color shouldn t matter at all , it is about who you are on the inside Anyone should be aloud to do anything no matter their color, facial marks America has to much excluding in it and it needs to stop This is my claim on 42 The Jackie Robinson Story.This book is for anyone wh
The book is about an African American wanting to play for a big league team and gets the chance to play for the dodgers They treat him not equal to the other players since he is African Soon they find out that he is one of the best in the league Now he is in the hall of fame for standing
The book is good because it tell me the struggle Jackie went through Jackie Robinson inspired me to good things in the world. This book is an autobiography of Jackie Robinson, the first african american to play in the MLB When Jackie first joined the MLB he was on a succesful team, the Dodgers, when Jackie first joined the team he was hated, and made fun of by almost all the white people that followed or played baseball, including players on his own team Jackie was taught to turn the other cheek by a close friend who without Jackie would have never been able to handle all the terrible comments He was a white man but an important man in the baseball league Jackie also had a teammate by the name of Pee Wee Reese who was also a white male He stood by Jackie when the others would make fun of him Jackie was one of the best on the team, over time the other players on the Dodgers came to realize that Jackie was just as good as they were,
42 Jackie Robinson by Aaron Rosenberg Genre Non Fiction of pages 154Characters Jackie Robinson An african american baseball player, was in a war officer Mr.Rickey The general manager for the Brooklyn Dodgers baseball team Ebbets Field Loud, big, where Jackie s first major league game was Theme Don t listen to what bad people have to say Plot 1 Mr.Rickey wants to recruit and African American in the National Baseball League 2 Jackie is brought to Brooklyn by Mr.Ricky s assistants 3 Jackie marries Rachel and they have a kid 4 Jackie is at spring training, but he gets bad comments from his teammates 5 Jackie gets onto the Brooklyn Dodgers Jackie teammates accept him as a teammate.Review I really like this book, I would
This is about jackie Robinson and how he started his baseball career He was in the negro baseball league and the moved up to the MLB He played for the Brooklyn Dodgers When he was on the Dodgers the players did not want anything to do with him and ignored him They wouldn t shower or do anything that he did Once they realized that he was a good baseball player I think they started to like him a little better After all he was the first african american baseball player I thought this book was really good I thought it was exciting and fun to read I really enjoyed reading it because baseball is my favorite sport to play and watch I know a lot about baseball so I understood a lot of the book The MLB is very different today about how th
Genre Non FictionPages 160Author Aaron RosenbergSummary This book is about Jackie Robinson and how he started off baseball in the negro league and made it to the MLB to the Brooklyn He started off his career with his teammates not wanting to shower with him just because he was black After they got used to him they started respecting him But, people still didn t like him because he was the first African American baseball player.comment This was a great book I Loved it s
The book 42 written by Aaron Rosenberg and is about a young boy named Jackie Robinson who grows up to become a wonderful baseball player In the book Jackie had to go through a tough time This time was the period where white people hated the African Americans Nothing stopped Jackie he never stopped playing the game he loved Jackie became one of the best players When his ti

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