PowerShell in Depth

PowerShell in Depth PowerShell Is Part Of Nearly Everything A Windows Administrator Touches, And The Soon To Be Released Version 3 Adds Even Powerful Features With PowerShell, Almost Every Aspect Of Windows Systems And Servers Can Be Securely And Efficiently Automated Designed To Provide The Know How Needed To Master PowerShell, This Book Goes Beyond The Basics And Offers The Deep Knowledge And Insight Needed To Tackle Any Task PowerShell In Depth Is A Book That Will Be Used Again And Again Each Of The 40 Chapters Is Short, Concise, To The Point, And Focused On A Specific Area Of PowerShell Written By Three Seasoned PowerShell Experts, Every Technique Has Been Thoroughly Tested With This Book In Hand, Readers Will Save Hours Of Time And Effort While Consistently And Quickly Creating Production Quality, Maintainable Scripts.Purchase Of The Print Book Comes With An Offer Of A Free PDF, EPub, And Kindle EBook From Manning Also Available Is All Code From The Book. Took me a while, I admit even though they were chapters I ve skimmed through quickly.First important point about this book it s really in depth.Well, author is not decompiling Powershell on his own , but he covers some topics I ve never seen covered in any other PowerShell book.For instance details of remoting good description of how credentials work in PS CIM it s not that different from WMI, but it s still good to learn the diffs DSC brief description, but unlike to some other books it covers emphasizes some very valid points Workflows ok, I think they are useless P bu
Sometimes one has to get into the mind of an enemy, and this one helps an unlucky admin accomplish that More seriously, if you have to work with PowerShell and there can be worse fates , this will help you slog through weird variable definitions, cryptic error messages and garbled
A comprehensive guide to writing efficient, robust Power Shell scripts, and .Anybody facing admin tasks, automation, remote access, configuration or even extracting data for reports will benefit from this book.Note I read the sequel that is currently a MEAP 3rd edition

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  • Paperback
  • 632 pages
  • PowerShell in Depth
  • Don Jones
  • English
  • 14 July 2018
  • 9781617290558