NamelessWhen Camille Was Six Years Old, She Was Discovered Alone In The Snow By Enrico Vultusino, Godfather Of The Seven The Powerful Families That Rule Magic Ridden New Haven Papa Vultusino Adopted The Mute, Scarred Child, Naming Her After His Dead Wife And Raising Her In Luxury On Haven Hill Alongside His Own Son, Nico.Now Cami Is Turning Sixteen She S No Longer Mute, Though She Keeps Her Faded Scars Hidden Under Her School Uniform, And Though She Opens Up Only To Her Two Best Friends, Ruby And Ellie, And To Nico, Who Has Become Than A Brother To Her But Even Though Cami Is A Pampered Vultusino Heiress, She Knows That She Is Not Really Family Unlike Them, She Is A Mortal With A Past That Lies Buried In Trauma And It S Not Until She Meets The Mysterious Tor, Who Reveals Scars Of His Own, That Cami Begins To Uncover The Secrets Of Her Birth To Find Out Where She Comes From And Why Her Past Is Threatening Her Now. I really am torn as to what rating to give this book It s an interesting concept, I loved the writing However, after having finished the story, I still have no idea what the big reveal is and what it means, the book is that confusing So, excellent writing, excellent atmosphere, interesting characters, wtf world building, and a plot that makes my head spin This is supposed to be a retelling of Snow White if so, there must be a pretty big wiggle room for writers creativity Had I not known it from the start, and if not for the blatant references in the book random as fuck craving and choking on the apple Come on now I would not have a clue that this had anything to do with Snow White.Despite my preference for light reads that do not make me think, I do enjoy the challenges of a complex book, and I like to think I m not so far beyond overlooking the obvious I don t need everything spelled out for me, but there are books in which it s necessary for the author to let the reader know the world into which they re being plunged into It is not necessary to do so in a verbose and Dickensian manner I ve had enough of A Tale of Two Cities and Great Expectations from 10th grade AP English to last me a lifetime, thank you very much, but I do appreciate a good description I love exploring new worlds, and when the author has seen fit to defin
Sounds fun Just so long as the ending isn t like Strange Angels , you know HOLY SHIIIIT LILI DOES ANOTHER YA SERIES jumps around in excitement Nameless is a bit like billowing, amazing clouds on a warm sunny day It s nice Just really nice, you know Sure, it doesn t move fast and clouds aren t the most gripping things to look at, but it was just really nice God I really liked Nameless and I really like clouds They re so magical Unless they re giving you goatse Don t look that up if you don t know what it is btw.Nameless wasn t a perfect novel, but it was an enjoyable novel I feel like most of the things it set out to do, it accomplished.Things like creating, nurturing and building the relationship between Nico and Cami Book, candle, Nico cue heart melt you d get it if you read the book There felt like a depth of years to their relationship and that s a hard thing to manufacture in a few hundred pages.Nameless was a pretty ambitious story, which worked out for me because I m a pretty ambitious reader, but it s not going to float everyone s boats And that s because it s ODD It s just a really odd book Like Harley Quinn twisted but in a really, really good wayFirstly, nameless is an alternate reality world with a whole slew of different rules and supernatural things happening And St Crow doesn t hold no hands when she tells this story She doesn t sit you down and say, Now children, this is a twist It s a person who has twisted in bad way due to emotions Nuh uh She just starts throwing this lore at you and expects you to catch up You have t
Okay I need to get this out.WHYYYYY.What promised to be a beautiful book filled with danger and excitement and a stunning world just flopped right before my eyes I kept reading and reading, and as I crept through the book I kept thinking to myself, it has to get better by now It has to. ONLY NOPE Some of the descriptions were pretty Not that they made all that much sense. The situation that Cami finds herself in had real potential to be interesting Only for Cami to be severely underutilized HOW SHE S THE MAIN CHARACTER and the plot inched along at a snail s pace.What about world building Haha, what world building Here Let me give you slips of information that makes no sense at all and pretend it s world building. But maybe the other characters Crash and burn. Okay Cami has to be a strong, female lead, right Or at least grow strong What are you talking about, this is not that sort of book. It s a retelling of Snow White Doesn t mean it has to be any good I ll give you that the bare bones of the plot was somewhat interesting, but the execution was completely lacking.It just kills me that Cami
See reviews at YA Midnight Reads DNF Mini mini review There are mini reviews, then there are mini mini reviews which are like 3 paragraphs long Stopped at 31% It has come to my great despair to not finish this book I have heard several great thoughts and reviews of Strange Angels so I assumed this would be just as good or even better Well..maybe not Originally, I started to read this book about a month ago, I stopped within 5 pages due to its mind fumbling writing and slow pace At her picking the novel up again, I gave up because my first thoughts were correct Nameless showed great potential I kind of understood the direction of where this book was going but confusion dominated this novel as well as the monotonous cryptic writing Okay, maybe not cryptic but incoherent There was so much happening over shorts spurts of time, I just couldn t do it any Nonetheless, if you originally wanted to read this, go ahead, this is not one of my DNF reviews were I go off ranting on
Trigger warnings childhood trauma, death of a parent, abusive step parent The main character has a lot of scars from her childhood and she can t remember how she got them Soooo I picked this one up at work on a whim a month or so ago, and was intrigued by the cover and the fact that it s billed as a dark retelling of Snow White And, like, it IS a dark retelling of Snow White That s not the problem one of the problems that I had with it I m just going to break this down into a list of issues I had, because it s easier So 1 The worldbuildingMore accurately, WHAT WORLDBUILDING You r every much thrown in the deep end with this one I still don t know if it s meant to be set in the US or in a fantasy world The main character and her two best friends are OBVIOUSLY Snow White, Cinderella and Red Riding Hood, but beyond that WORK IT OUT YOURSELF, YO There s never any explanation of this world Of the paranormal species in it Of how magic works Of how its weird blend of magic and technology works There s really no explanation of ANYTHING 2 The writingIwasn t a fan I can t even pinpoint what it was that I didn t like about it I justyeah No 3 The romanceA lot of people have talked in their reviews about how cute the book, candle, Nico th
2.5 stars reallyfor what it could have been.If I could use one word to describe this book, I would use potential. It has an intriguing premise The characters might easily have been something worthwhile The familiar yet unique way of approaching the story of Snow White is both haunting and comfortable Oh yes, this could have been something good Yet I would argueit is not It is confusing The characters are not properly developed, important plot points not explained I really liked the ending, but it is to rushed Plot In a futuristic fairy tale world, The Families run New Haven Besides being like the Mafia, the heads of the Families are vampires Ten years ago, the head of the Vultusino Family adopted a young human girl discovered abused and abandoned on the city streets and raised her along with his son Nico He named her Camille after his dead, mortal wife Cami is now sixteen but nightmares give her a double world She is part of one of the most important Families, but feels like an outsider Her stutter keeps her apart The secret of her early years eludes her And somewherea White Queen continues the search for the
Up to chapter 5 and this book is just HORRIBLE I mean I can tell there s a story under there somewhere and it might even be interesting, if I could only make an iota of sense out of anything that is written St Crow has set up a magical world and jumped in with terminology from the get go with words than have no context, no explanation, no meaning with the reader Ellie would use her Babbage net connection St Juno s required one and logged student times, and the principal Mother Heloise knew some about the Strep so the Strep couldn t take the Babbage set away to confer about the homework Say what What the bells is a Babbage net connection I m guessing an Internet connection but it s never explained And what is the strep I know it can t take the Babbage away but that s precisely all I know The whole thin
Truth be told, I opened this review with this is not your ordinary retelling of a beloved fairy tale, then deleted it altogether because even that line seems like a tired old phrase used to describe every single retelling that s ever grazed our shelves I also wrote, this is Snow White like you ve never seen her before, but then I read the book s jacket and it has the exact same quote from someone or other.If you ask me to give you a little rundown of this book, then I ll have to decline because it s beyond me Complicated, dark and gothic, shockingly beautiful and irrevocably unique But I must warn you that the writing takes a bit of getting used to There was a wide spread usage of jargons that are entirely intrinsic to the novel as a whole And yet, I didn t question it nor did I complain about it The author substituted words that have been used and misused in every paranormal YA I ve ever read Words like vampires, sucking blood and the process of which vampires die in a way that almost gives them the benefit of a soul is unheard of Then I find myself thinking, how do you even know the Seven Families are vampires It could be

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