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After The RainFrom One Of The Best New Writers On The Scene Today The Huffington Post Comes The Sequel To Falling Home, A Novel Set In The Picaresque Town Of Walton, Georgia, Where One Woman Is About To Discover That The Best Journey Is The One That Brings You Home Freelance Photographer Suzanne Paris Has Been On Her Own Since She Was Fourteen And She Has No Intention Of Settling Down, Especially Not In A Tiny Town Like Walton, Georgia She S Here To Hide Out For A Little While, Not To Form Connections Her Survival Depends On Her Ability To Slip In And Out Of People S Lives, On Never Staying In One Place For Too Long But No One In Walton Plans On Making Things Easy For Suzanne For One Thing, It S A Town Where Everyone Knows Everyone Else And They All Seem Intent On Making Suzanne Feel Right At Home For Another, Suzanne Can T Help But Feel Drawn To This Tight Knit Community Or To The Town S Mayor, Joe Warner, And His Six Kids But Suzanne Can T Afford To Stick Around, Even If She S Finally Found A Place Where She Belongs Because Someone Is Looking For Her Someone Who Won T Stop Until Her Life Is Destroyed CONVERSATION GUIDE INCLUDED The Hook After The Rain by Karen White is not my usual fare but there it was one day, sitting on the library shelf, the cover teasing me to pick it up Happenstance Fate I m not certain but it was the right book at the right time The Line s How wonderful To know your place in the world before you re even born The Sinker After The Rain is a story of the ache of not fitting in, the urge to belong and ultimately on
I know it sounds a bit cliche , but I was hooked by page 2 of this story and basically read until I finished the book I loved this sequel and thought White did a fabulous job of putting the reader right back in lives of the characters from Falling Home Oh my did I fall in love with the southern town of Walton, Georgia and yes, I fell in love with many of the people who walked those quaint streets White has a way with creating a story line that doesn t seem far fetched My heart broke a few times as Joe learned how to be a parent without his beloved wife, how to trust another person with his children, and to allow himself the freedom to love again Each character added something to this story and left an impression on my heart.Recommend Oh my, yes But please read Falling Home first It adds extra depth to this story and the characters might not really get to you without doing so Source Karen White and Fiona Brown Penguin GroupDisclaimer Thank you to Penguin Group and
I have read all of Karen White s books, and this one, like the others, only took me a few hours to read I was hooked from the first page Suzanne Paris moves to a small town in Georgia in hopes of running away from her past, but realizes that the past isn t always that far behind her During this book, I realized that it s almost a sequel some of the characters Sam and Cassie Parker, Joe Warner, Ed Ferrell and Lena Larson are from a previous book of White s, Falling Home Although reading that first isn t necessary to understand this story Suzanne is a new character and her story as well as the other character s are explained pretty thoroughly , it would make a lot of sense to read it first Also, I m a shameless fan of White s, so I won t pass up and opportunity to recommend another one of her novels Overall, this book was charmi
It was my first Karen White The story,setting and characters are impressive Though I din t like the explanation she gives for Suzanne Paris s constant running I think Anthony withdrew too easily and ea
I am such a huge fan of Karen White Whenever I pick up a Karen White novel, I know I am in for a great few hours of reading, living vicariously through vividly drawn characters and their crazy Southern fried lives After the Rain takes us back to the small town from Falling Home, little Walton, Georgia Not only do we return to Walton, but we are smack dab in the middle of the lives we left in Falling Home I still remember the moment I finished Falling Home and how I was laughing and crying at the same time Such a fabulous book Here s a guest post from the author regarding the Southern Perspective and Falling Home.After the Rain begins with Suzanne Paris stepping off the Atlanta Greyhound Bus in Walton, Georgia Almost immediately Suzanne offends the Mayor when confronted with his six children in various half dressed states running around the small town store, and she states Don t they have leash laws in this state Upon discovering that Suzanne has no place to stay, is not visiting her people and as a matter of fact, doesn t know any people in Walton, the widowed Mayor finds a place for Suzanne to stay, although there is not a motel anywhere near Walton Soon, Aunt Lucinda sister and caretaker to the Mayor s six children has Suzanne working for her in her lingerie shop and the oldest of the Mayor s six children has Suzanne teaching her the finer points to photography upon discovering Suzanne is a gifted freelance photographer.What no one knows i
I can not get enough of Karen White s novels and this one did not let me down Her stories and characters draw me in and I can not put them down till they are over My only complaint is that I know am forced to wait for her next novel Suzanne Paris, as she is now calling herself, is a freelance photographer who is running away We don t know for a long time where she s from but we do know that she is a woman who for years has had no hometown and immediately goes on the run whenever anyone tries to get too close or begins to start connecting dots to the mystery of her past It s a lonely life and despite Suzanne s tough exterior appearance, underneath she s like a tightly wired machine that is super exhausted underneath Suzanne s luck is holding so far when she decides to get off a cross country bus in Walton, Georgia, a typical Southern town with extraordinary hospitality and just as extraordinary nosiness Everyone knows everyone and makes sure everyone else knows the whole story about each resident, guest and visitor One has to laugh if it didn t freak out Suzanne , yet one does as the caring nature of these strangers is warming to the heart, a counter to the irritating qualities of town busybodies.The first person Suzanne meets is the town mayor, Joe Warner, a man totally blasted from taking care of his six kids and grieving today for his wife who died years ago In fact, he grieves as intensely as he did the day she died He seems to always be showing up in situations whe
After the Rain by Karen White is a republished and remastered novel that is full of twists and turns, touches lightly on the desolation of a broken family life and the darkness people can fall into as a result, and the hope that just might be around the corner Suzanne Paris is on a bus to Atlanta when she decides on a whim to get off in Walton, Ga., where she meets a large family and finds the home she s been looking for all of her life But with the sun comes rain And there is a deluge of it in this book.Suzanne has a past that is not far behind her, even as her freelance photography job takes her to many places She s running from a life and for her life, and White has created a character who is both likeable and unlikeable She keeps secrets even from those know care for her, and her ability to trust others is very tenuous and easily broken by the wrong word or action, which White captures easily in her
Quick synopsis of After the Rain by Karen White Suzanne Paris is running from a troubled relationship as well as a troubled past On her way to an undetermined destination, she stops in Walton, GA Here, she stops and begins to make friends and to find exactly what she is looking for in life.This is a great story of friendship
I am usually a huge Karen White fact when I learned this was a sequel to Falling Home I went back and re listened to Falling Home to reacquaint myself with the story and the characters In After the Rain we meet Suzanne Paris who is a mysterious woman who on a whim decides to get off the bus in Walton,Ga where she s befriended by the town and warily my Joe..who lost his wife Harriet to breast cancer she was diagnosed with while she was pregnant with their son and died shortly after his birth Suzanne is sucked in by a feeling of home and being needed..but is a woman running from a troubled past..and that s as interesting as it gets. As for Suzanne being troubled and mysterious..she s just annoying..not even an interesting kind of tattoos, or piercings..she s been on her own since she was 15..but remarkably free of body art..not likely.Then there s Joe..widowed dad of 5 6..s we know why he didn t say much in Falling Home..he s a tad bland..but that could be exhaustion from the single Dad gig..I couldn t find it in me to care. Maddie..sassy prankster is now ready for college..but Dad is holding on too tight..probably needs the babysitter..but still a manages to pull some stunts that give this story a little boost. All and all. I was sadly disappointed. I m a huge Karen White fan..and this one felt like she was fulfilling a two book dealand just phoned 2 in. The sad thing is..t

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