Come Alive

Come Alive Stephanie Believes In Stories But Even Though She Puts Pen To Paper Daily And Creates Stories Of Change And Hope, She Fails To See The Possibilities Within Her Own Life Abused, Alone And Invisible To Those Around Her, She Struggles With Self Worth And Believing In Another World One Of Love And Safety And Healing There Are Those In Her Life Who Believe In Redemption And New Beginnings, But Can Stephanie Trust Them When All She S Ever Known Is Betrayal She Wants To Her Heart Says It S Safe But She Struggles With Believing The Lies Thrown At Her Day After Day By Others Who Should Be Protecting Her This Is Her Story All Of It The Chaos And Beauty Caused By The Wrecking Ball Of Her Family And The Fight For Rescue All She Needs Is Someone To Listen Will You Be One Who Hears It Just May Change Your World. Disclosure I received a free review copy of this book in PDF format through Story Cartel.Stephanie is every girl looking for acceptance But, her world is unlike most girls her age There is no loving family there is no protection from those put in position to do so Her struggle to do the right thing and find that light at the end of her journey is one that is awe inspiring and heart breaking With caring people on the outside to assist her and the colors of the sunset to remind her Stephanie works to hold on to hope A bright girl with a chance at a life very different from her upbringing keeps the reader involved and silently cheering for this protagonist The story of human trafficking and the violence is often difficult to read But, it is a very real truth which must be acknowledged and recognized if progress is ever to be made When thinking of slavery, it must be real
So many wonderful bloggers I follow have books coming out BooMama, BigMama, Annie Downs, Sarah Bessey, Elizabeth Esther, Ed Cyzewski, and on and on Plus the marvelous and very funny Lisa McKay released her memoir, Love At The Speed Of E Mail, in May, which I promptly devoured on my Kindle and tweeted to her in real time exactly where I was in the book so she could permanently classify me as a potential stalker enjoy my reading experience by proxy Then I bought a hard copy I know the Kindle is supposed to make our book load lighter as we move all over the world, Honey, really, but sometimes a gal needs two copies of one book Like Ann Voskamp s 1000 Gifts, for example.So, in the spirit of all things blogger, 3 Book 3rd Thursday today features three great books by bloggers that I have read recently I could have done 6 Book 3rd Thursday today, but that s not nearly as catchy, so I ve narrowed it down Reluctantly I left in two Texans, one from of course Perfect Austin Because of the self imposed rule of 3, I have cut out some of the snark I hate cutting out snark I won t let it cross the lips of my kiddos without giving them the arched brow Mommy Manners Meltdown glare, but I ll read it, laugh until I snort, and dream of being able to snark it up out there in this crazy world Oh, and read it to Honey even after he s fallen asleep He loves it when I do that.Let s start with the snark that stayed Let s P
Just when you think the darkness cannot get any deeper, Stephanie is suffocated with disaster Just when you think there is no way out, Stephanie takes a breath and decides to believe in the power of story and of hope.Come Alive is alive the words will rip straight through you Stephanie s story is one of abuse and broken trust She is a girl with a story, but without a voice this book speaks for so many who will never get to tell their story at all At times it took all courage to keep turning the pages because the horror of the reality is so up close I cannot begin to imagine the courage it took for Elora to pen all these words This book is nothing short of exquisitely exceptional When I say this book was an easy read I m referring only to the style in which it was written fluid The characters are well drawn some beautiful, some wretched and creepy In a way, the reader is able to live within each character for certain moments getting to see glimpses of how they think, how they re hurting, how they survive There is a constant struggle between dark and light, pain and victory, in each person s life.The love and support and pursuit of those around Stephanie is a blatant reminder of the lengths that God will go for us to bring restoration It s daunting and undeserved and refreshing The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases his mercies never come to an end they are new every morning great is your faithfulness Lam 3 22 23 ESV The t
I would give this book five stars out of five for the story, and 3.5 for the writing plot development, thus my overall four stars out of five.The importance of this story alone is enough for me to recommend it to everyone It s one thing to hear statistics about human trafficking, it s something else entirely to read one person s story While fictional, Stephanie gives the reader someone to relate to, so that when she is abused, you feel angry and upset This book is needed if for no other reason than the fact that people need to know that stories like this exist This book will, hopefully, stir people to take action, to start viewing the people around them with new eyes I know that I will be doing research, so that I can help pursue justice and rescue for those that may be being abused right in front of me.Beyond the importance of the story, though, it s also written in a very emotionally powerful way It exposes the dark while still pointing to hope and that s something that s incredibly difficult to do.The main area where I thought the book could have improved was in plot development Sometimes, it felt like events happened too quickly, one right after another, rather than each event unf
This is a book people need to read Because of the subject matter, it is not an easy read but it is a worthy one Eyes need to be opened, ears need to hear, and hearts must be broken Without that, Come Alive remains only a story and girls like Stephanie will remain trapped, abused, forsaken.Ramirez guides her readers through the dark, depraved world of human trafficking We are tempted to believe that sort of thing happens overseas Not here Never here At times while reading Stephanie s story, I wondered why she didn t just turn in the perpetrator Why didn t she fight Even in spite of the complications, why didn t she turn to the people so clearly on her side Ramirez showed me the hows and whys of such abuse, the level of numbness and despair victims succumb to There seems to be no hope of rescue.Yet, there is hope for Stephanie.Ramirez seamlessly weaves in statistics about sex tra
Disclosure I received a free review copy of this book in PDF format through Story Cartel.This book is one that is a must read for everybody Human trafficking happens Slavery didn t go away with Lincoln or Martin Luther King, Jr It just went underground, and expanded into something even dangerous, lurid, and damaging for those caught in the trap.The book s protagonist, Stephanie, is one caught in just such a trap Her story is engaging from the start, but as it develops, one has to wonder how she can cope with the increasing horrors facing her The story isn t all horror, though, with shining lights present throughout in the forms of her best friend and former teacher, her boyfriend, and several other characters scattered about The distinction between those light times and the dark ones in her own home, though, are jarring yet they are reality for so many people.I found the story well paced, keeping
Come Alive is centered on Stephanie, a 17 year old girl who should be enjoying her senior year of high school Instead, she is just trying to survive it Throughout this novel, we learn about the true horrors she faces each day An uncaring alcoholic mother is bad enough, but her abusive manipulative father ensures Stephanie lives in a constant state of pain, anguish, and helplessness.This story shines a light on the horrific yet all too common practice of human trafficking We like to think these stories don t happen here, they don t happen down the street from us But the author uses Stephanie s story to remind us they do.Despite the dark world surrounding the characters in this novel, you feel a sense of hope when reading it While we learn about the horrors of human trafficking, we are reminded of the men and women working tirelessly to make a difference When the world feels too much too bear, Stephanie is reminded that there are people around her who do truly l
I am a fan of books that tackle issues on human nature and I absolutely liked the way this book did Much like novels like Perks of Being a Wallflower and 13 Reasons Why, this novel shows how we can be oblivious about our surroundings and about others.As for the story per se, it was quite original The main protagonist, Stephanie Tiller, was very relatable but in an unexpected way Her situation was very drastic, having been sexually abused and fighting her circumstances with so much resilience, that my heart just breaks along with hers I m not ashamed to admit that I got teary eyed than twice while reading this book Her internal struggle with hoping and giving up makes it even heart breaking.I was ok if the book ended in tragedy, but I know this wouldn t ring true to the book s message of hope There had to be a glimmer of hope at the end I liked the supernatural in it, but it got too obvious by the last third of the book I think it needed subtlety so that it doesn t come off as Due
Reminiscent of Matilda, Come Alive marries the beauty and the ugly of this broken world easily to mirror reality Many times, I was shocked by the atrocities portrayed in this book but I remember this fiction isn t too far from the truth And the same can be said with the glimpses of hope seen through the pages The book teaches that even if it looks too dark, even if it looks too helpless, even if it looks like you can
I loved this book it made me ask questions, took me into memories of growing up and watching someone I loved deeply deal with the trauma of having been abused as a child Themes of redemption always thrill me when I read, and this book was full of t

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