Josh Anvil and the Cypress Door (Josh Anvil, #1)

Josh Anvil and the Cypress Door (Josh Anvil, #1) Imagine How Your World Might Be Different If You Had The Ability To Heal Anyone Who Was Sick Or What If You Could Bring To Life Anything You Talked About, Real Or Imagined How Would You Use Your Powers What Would You Create And Who Would You Heal, And Why Would You Tell The World About Your Powers, Or Keep It All A Secret A Young Teenager, Josh Anvil, Is Accidentally Supercharged By Aliens Once Josh Realizes What Happened To Him, It Sets Off A Series Of Events That Sometimes Spiral Out Of Control Sure, There Was Cool Stuff Like Making A Floating Island In The Sky, But What About The Dragon That Burns Down The School Cafeteria Or When That Dragon Starts Stalking You Josh Finds That Keeping His Abilities A Secret Is A Lot Harder Than He Ever Thought, And Soon He Gets Noticed When He S Kidnapped, His Captors Demand His Cooperation How Is Josh Supposed To Deal With That He Has Enough Going On While Navigating Through His Freshman Year In High School, Trying To Be Accepted By His Peers And Hoping To Gain The Attention Of His Crush.Gaining Powers Suddenly Makes Life A Whole Lot Complicated. Imagination in search of a storyTitle Josh Anvil and the Cypress DoorAuthor Bruce E ArringtonGenre Children s FantasyLength 100,000 words estimated Reviewer Pearson MooreRating 2 starsJosh Anvil and the Cypress Door contains humor, a likeable protagonist, and imaginative scenarios Roughly 60 percent of the pages of this book portray various celebrations of Josh Anvil s creations, allowed by his early encounter with a small band of aliens Smiling faces abound, with parties and fun for all on virtually every page but this is because the pages of this writing exercise lack a substantive problem for 14 year old Josh to solve To put it bluntly, there is no story here.There are brief incidents in which Josh is challenged, and he even ends up in the hospital a couple of times But because he is limited only by his imagination, he never gets too deep into trouble If things get really bad, he merely dreams up a dragon or a giant marshmallow man to whisk him or his friends out of harm s way If he has a report to give on the Civil War, he brings a flesh and blood Confederate soldier to class If his mother is tired of doing housework, he snaps his fingers and makes a maid appear a woman whose only desire is to clean A page or two of semi conflict leads to ten or twelve pages of roller coaster rides and islands in the sky and Candyland like magic dragons But 10 year old boys don t want magic dragons any, as
Josh Anvil, the 14 year old Louisianan who is the hero of this middle school fantasy, is a boy with a serious case of dyslexia and some very special skills Initially, his skill is in storytelling in a group of his peers boys only who meet to compete After a near fatal accident and mysterious encounter in the swamp near his home, he acquires skills that allow him to create living creatures, even humans Meanwhile, his father and his best friend Troy s father are firemen dealing with a number of destructive arsons in town Writing and reading a work intended for middle school aged children can have its own challenges As for evaluating it, well, what I like or dislike about it and what a 12 year old may like or dislike will probably be different things I can only pretend to think like a 12 year old, and readers of this review might want to keep that in mind What I find likeable the imagery throughout is creative and extremely colorful A lot of it would make for stunning illustrations and animation Josh and his family and friends have tons of good
I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest, nonreciprocal review of a colleague s novel.This fantasy novel follows the adventures of 14 year old Josh who, along with the usual trial and tribulations of being a teenager, develops mysterious powers after an encounter with alien beings The story is set in Louisiana and the author s vivid depictions of various areas clearly reveal his fondness for this part of the country We are introduced to a host of characters from Josh s family, to his friends and their families, and to an odd assembly of teachers well I guess most teachers seem odd to their teenaged students This is one of several areas in the book where, as an adult reader, I had to remind myself of the book s intended young audience and the genre of the novel In several instances the adults conducted themselves not as one would expect, but rather as teenagers would like them to act in their ideal or fantasy worlds For example, is there a 14 year old boy who wouldn t want to have his parents permission to drive around town in his own MX 5 Miata, unsupervised, having just a learner s permit The adults generally came across as a very lenient, overly consenting, and unconventionally trusting of youthful judgement but then again this is a fantasy novel for teenagers On the other hand, the teenagers dialogue and actions strange and ill advised as they were were believable Any concerns ab
Free wheeling teen fantasyVery much an unfettered middle grades fantasy framed in a soft SF context, in Josh Anvil and the Cypress Door young teen imagination runs wild Bruce Arrington does an impressive job of writing from and for the perspective of a fourteen year old Josh Anvil.The story is set in Louisiana and revolves around the central character, his family, friends and enemies I don t think it s too much of a spoiler to say that through strange circumstances Josh acquires a set of unusual powers The book explores those powers, and the mysterious fires which are being set in the Baton Rouge area While the main story follows the discovery and development of Josh s powers, there is a parallel story in unravelling the mystery of the fires, as well as a little romance and some consideration of values The challenges which Josh faces increase in difficulty and complexity in the course of the book.I loved Arrington s presentation of the impact of dyslexia tne coupifion wakes life bifficnlt for Josn The writing style is entirely appropriate and very easy to read The story does require substantial suspension of disbelief, particularly from an adult reader, because of the somewhat unrealistically accepting responses of the adults in the story but this is because it is a book for younger teens, and I believe that the same factor will make it even enjoyable for this target readership There are some ve
Josh Anvil is a likable protagonist who mysteriously gains strange powers and uses those to help his friends, and get out of difficult situations Because he basically has whatever power he wants when he wants it, there isn t much conflict in the story, no solid story goal, and I would have preferred a bit detail about how he got his powers Also, while I believe this is the first book of a
Originally posted on 80booksblog.comDid you ever play the What If game as a kid You and a friend sitting around letting your imagination run wild, creating worlds and creatures Inevitably it turns into a storytelling session where you feel like you are in the world you created It s an exhilarating feeling.In Josh Anvil and the Cypress Door you get that same feeling.Set in a suburb of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Josh has to understand his powers very quickly During a showdown for champion in the StoryTellers Club Josh accidently creates giant spiders when telling a Louisiana myth He chalked that up to a weird coincidence It isn t until he accidently creates a dragon that burns down the cafeteria does he realize what he can do He soon learns that he has to be very careful when he speaks Besides the spiders, big dragons, mini dragons, horses, people, and cats and mice he creates 5 teen girls with the peculiar names Chloe, Zoe, Doe, and Floe All his creations are there to help him in some way and are at his beck and call.The names for the teachers at Josh s school are also hilarious and you can tell Bruce Arrington had fun coming up with them Principle Les MooreEnglish teacher Lana MacBethSocial Studies teacher Ella VaderBasketball coach Justin HoopSpanish teacher Pepe RoniMusic teacher Melody ScreechMath teacher Mrs PyeScience teacher Mr BunsenThis
Excellent fantasy for middle schoolers I really enjoyed this book and it kept me entertained for nearly a week Of course, the fact that the main character gets fantastic, nearly limitless powers is a fun element and the way Josh chooses to use his powers makes me wonder what I would do differently if I had powers like that.The StoryTellers Club, an amusingly formal organization similar to the Toastmasters where members dress up in suits to camp out in one of the kid s back yard for their story telling finale, provides a clever twist One of Josh s powers is activated when he tells stories, causing trouble early on when he tells a story about ancient spiders that once lived in the local swamps only to have them come to life during his story But it isn t all fun and games His parents support him and try to teach him to use his powers for unselfish ends by having him volunteer at the hospital, probably my favorite part of the book, though it probably wasn t a good way to keep him safe from public attention His activities quickly catch the attention of the media and eventually the government Besides that, it bothers me that Josh can create people who end up doting on him, cleaning house or acting as handyman caretaker for the family After the first time, I expected his parents to tell him that was unacceptable it s what I would have done, too close to creating indentured servants Sure, they were happ
Josh Anvil, a 14 year old boy from Louisiana, goes canoeing one day in the swamps and comes upon aliens who accidentally bestow upon him super powers Within days Josh is able to materialize dragons, people, islands in the sky, as well as heal the injured and sickly However it takes his parents to show him how best to use these powers When the story opens, his home town of Baton Rouge is being ravaged by fires An arsonist is causing havoc throughout the city and his father and best friend, both whom are firefighters, have been injured Josh uses his powers to heal the men and that is the plot line I expected the story to take off from However that ends up being a back story which simmers for a good portion of the novel The main thrust of the story revolves around how Josh learns and develops his powers The author has no shortage of creative ability in developing the supernatural aspects of his tale much to the delight, I m sure, of his teen readers But to me the supernatural has much impact when contrasted against the natural world And the natural and believable the world around him, the believable are the fantasy elements It s here that this aspect and some inconsistencies work against the tale For example, Josh is a member of a story telling group and faces a competition to be named the best story teller But when the other boys gather, they are awarded their ranks instead of having to compet
This was a fun book to read The first thing I loved was the fantastic imagery Mr Arrington is a very visual writer, and that totally clicked with me Josh is a completely relatable character He s real, has real faults, real issues, realuh, personality quirks, but he deals with all of that in stride And when he does something stupid which happens , he handles it with a sense of under dramatic maturity for a young teen that I found refreshing The secondary characters have lives off the page, and you can tell without their lives interfering with the telling of the story That s one of the great things about a visual writer They re able to catch the non verbals better than an auditory or kenetic author I will say that one reason this book only gets four stars is that I don t think all the right non verbals were captured There was a lot of smirking Hey I just deleted a lot of nodding, shrugging and sighing So I can t say anything I know this But Because I just went through that exercise, it was something I picked up on There were a few emotional transitions that felt like sudden shifts and I was like, Whoa What just happened there As a reader, it felt like a sudden dip in maturity, but I m pretty sure the characters were just fine We just missed a transitory non verbal, or that the wrong one was captured The plot was fun It reminded me of Season 1 of Supernat
While this is not the genre I usually read, I got swept up completely in Josh Anvil s adventures.As this story of a not so ordinary any teen unfolds, Arrington s wonderful description really transports you to all the places that Josh goes the swamp, East Eagles High, the island that he creates Because the description is so strong, the story is something that you could easily see playing out on some sort of screen.I thought the main set of characters in the book Josh, his parents, sister and friend Troy were all extremely well written characters The relationships between characters in particular Josh and his dad, Josh and his best friend, and Josh and his little sister Candace were all very believable In addition to the fantasy and adventure elements of this book, the story hit on a lot of topics that many kids today face being bullied picked on, parents getting separated, struggling in school and wanting to drop out To me, Josh was kind of the perfect teen hero after he got his powers He still wanted his crush to notice him He still wanted to be popular He still struggled with his dyslexia One of my favorite lines was after Josh got a note from his crush that he couldn t read and he said Why can t my powers heal what s wrong with me It just showed that even though he had powers and could do all these incredible things, he was still just a

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