The Gardens of Almhain

The Gardens of Almhain On The Peninsula Of Calabria, Corruption And Greed Have Driven The Greatest Of Its Four Kingdoms To The Verge Of Political Collapse And Civil War The King Has Been Poisoned, Hundreds Of The Crown S Subjects Persecuted And Killed, And His Only Daughter Gathers Allies To Fight For The Right To Be The First Unchallenged Queen Far To The West, Across A Glistening Sea, Lies The Fabled Isle Of Alesia Home To A Serene And Magically Blessed Race When An Unknown Enemy Attacks, Burning The Sacred Forests And Slaughtering Its Inhabitants, The Final Sentinel Of Peace Is Shattered And The Fury Of The Twin Gods Ignites.Isidora Fiannan, Heir To The Lord And Lady Of Alesia, Escapes The Massacre And Seeks Sanctuary On Calabria Guided By Hands Of Fate Beyond Her Understanding, She Stumbles Into The Very Center Of The Peninsula S Conflict Beside Her Stands An Unlikely Ally Who Has Sworn To Protect Her From All Harm Arturo Bellamont, Infamous Courtier And Former Assassin Of The Dead King, Has Reasons Of His Own For Safeguarding The Alesian Lady As Mortal Armies Rise To Either Defend The New Queen Or Tear Her Kingdom Apart, So Too Do The Gods Ready A Celestial Army To Take Vengeance For The Burning Of Alesia Isidora, Arturo, And Their Companions Must Travel Narrow, Treacherous Roads Of Destiny To Find The Only Key To Calabria S Salvation A Memory Of Hope And Dream Of New Beginnings. I downloaded this when it was free the first time I really didn t know what to expect, but after reading the first couple chapters I was seriously surprised This book needs to be published Strong character development, complicated but riveting plot I really enjoy books that transport me to another world but not too far away The story is timeless, touching, and my favorite part is that it doesn t end on a cliffhanger It s hard to find books these days maybe it s just me that actually t I downloaded this when it was free the first time I really didn t know what
The Gardens of Almhain is a beautiful recreation of struggle and triumph that explores multiple themes and relationships Mallory weaves themes of humanity, spirituality, interpersonal, political and social s into the fabric of overlapping plots that erupt into a consummat
I enjoyed this book greatly The descriptions sucked me in and if you like fantasy, religion and mythology, put this on your to read list After you ve read hundreds of books, it s amazing to see how talented authors can still keep their details fresh and vivid and original, as is the case here. Thank goodness I finally finished this book.It has a good plot line What took me so long There are way too many characters and many have similar names Think of the amount of characters in Game of Thrones and then don t let any of them die.It t
It s a pleasent enough read, but all the characters are one dimensional, the good are good and the bad are bad and the rogue introduced near the beginning is really just misunderstood and loveable and loyal underneath I m about 80% through but I don t know if I ll
Fantastic story Fantastic story A well written story, and a great escape A true page Turner that was hard to put down. DNF 10%It s already boring me