Summer Crossing

Summer CrossingVuonna 1966 Truman Capote Muutti Brooklynin Asunnostaan Vaurastuttuaan Dokumenttiromaanistaan Kylm Verisesti Saamillaan Rahoilla H N J Tti J Lkeens Laatikoita, Jotka Uusi Asukas Pelasti Talteen Vasta 2004 L Ytyiv T Mm Nelj Ruutuvihkoa, Joihin Capote Oli K Sin Kirjoittanut Esikoisromaanin Luonnosta H N Oli Aloittanut Ty N 1943 Ja Haudannut Sen My Hemmin, Mutta Jatkanut K Sikirjoituksen Ty St Mist Kymmenisen Vuotta Ennen Sen Lopullista Hylk Mist Capote Tutkijat Olivat Olleet T Ysin Varmoja T M N Esikoisk Sikirjoituksen Tuhoutumisesta Ja Sen L Ytyminen Oli T Ysi Yll Tys Capoten L Hipiirillekin.Romaanissa On Monia Niist Aineksista, Joista Capote On Tullut Tunnetuksi Ja Joiden Vuoksi H Nt Pidet N Yhten Viime Vuosisadan T Rkeimmist Amerikkalaiskirjailijoista Ironista Huumoria, Nuorten Ihmisten Lepattavan Mielen Tutkimusta Sek Armotonta Luokkayhteiskunnan Kuvausta.Tapahtumat Sijoittuvat 2 Maailmansodan J Lkeiseen New Yorkiin Nuori, Huoleton Yl Luokan Tytt Nen Grady McNeil J Yksin 5 Avenuen Kotiin, Kun Vanhemmat L Htev T Laivalla Atlantin Yli Eurooppaan Kes Nviettoon Grady Syvent Kuumenevaa Romanssiaan Nuoreen Juutalaiseen Sotaveteraanin, Joka Asuu Brooklynissa Ja On T Iss Parkkipaikalla Kes N Edetess Helteen Piinaamassa Kaupungissa Suhde Saa Vakavampia Ja Ristiritaisiakin S Vyj Lopulta Gradyn On Teht V Itselleen Ja L Heisilleen Elint Rkeit P T Ksi.Capoten Esikoisromaani On Monessa Mieless Todellinen L Yt Se Oli Mm Saksassa Ilmestyess N Suuri Myyntimenestys Ja Puheenaihe. This novel, whose manuscript was accidentally found and published posthumously, is from a chronological point of view, Truman Capote s very first novel.Why did not young Truman publish this initiatory tale written in his youth The style of writing is already audacious and poetic The author marries in turn the initiatory quest, the social tragedy and the intimate drama He shows great finesse in the psychological analysis of the characters.This novel exudes edgy sensibility that
Somehow, I guess Scarlett Johansson intends to make a movie out of this tiny novel about rich people sitting around thinking about rich people things, and the poor people who sit around thinking about those rich people sitting around thinking about rich people things Seriously, the amount of stuff happening here makes Lost in Translation look like a Michael Bay production in comparison It has plenty of hints of the greatness found in Other Voices, Other Rooms, the novel Capote rightly abandoned this effort to create, but it never reaches that level of haunting loveliness So, yeah, kinda disappointing, but not long enough to be irritatingly so We have a rich society type who is sneaking around behind her snobby family s back to slum it with a rough around the edges parking lot attendant with a secret heart of gold Ish Okay, like the turn your finger green sort of gold Then there s the flamboyant, better suited best friend who also loves Grady, our heroine Ish She smokes some cigare
Summer Crossing Truman Capote s True First NovelSummer Crossing appears to be Capote s true first novel which he abandoned In fact, the manuscript was among papers left in an apartment in the care of a house sitter Capote instructed the house sitter to put all papers on the street to be picked up as garbage The anonymous house sitter recognized the value of what Capote considered trash, holding on to the caches of papers, including this novel for than fifty years until his death A relative of the house sitter who also recognized the value of the lost Truman papers swiftly carted them off to Sotheby s Through Capote s Literary Trust and some negotiation with Sotheby s, the Trust successfully protected the publication rights to all papers The sale would be limited to physical possession of the documents, but the purchaser could do nothing by way of publication of any of the documents Ironically, not one person bid on the Truman papers, thanks to the legal maneuvering of the Truman Literary Trust Today the papers are in their proper place with other known Capote papers at the New York Public Library Summer Crossing was published in 2004 by Ra
Like Harper Lee, her friend Truman Capote had a book that he drafted and then abandoned, never meaning for it to be published As with Ms Lee, someone decided to publish Capote s unfinished business anyway It s short and quickly over, so little time to fret over it I greatly enjoyed it There isn t much plot or character development, but that man knew how to put a beautiful sentence together The ending is one I didn t see coming and left me wondering
You published that mess Oh darling no is probably what Capote said from his grave about Summer Crossing, a posthumously published early work This sketch about a confused young girl s misguided love needs polish, a whole lotta polish There are lines within a generally beautifully written Summer Crossing that stick out for their clunky dullness Thus it reads like the first draft that it is, a first draft written by a master wordsmith, mind you But as Hemingway said, T
Lasciarono che nella stanza calasse l oscurit la superficie morbida e flessibile delle loro voci si muoveva e sospirava attorno a loro, e anche se dicevano cose del tutto prive d importanza era gi tanto che potessero usare le stesse parole, applicare gli stessi valori Grady O Neil, diciassettenne figlia di una delle pi prestigiose famiglie newyorkesi, approfitta dell assenza dei genitori, partiti per una vacanza estiva, per stare con il fidanzato Clyde Manzer, parcheggiatore ebreo con cui ha instaurato una relazione segreta I giorni trascorrono rapidi, l estate va avanti e tanti sono i risvolti di questo a burrascoso, morboso e indecifrabile Infantile, ingenua ed immatura, Grady, preda di emozioni che non sa gestire, di una voglia di vivere e di assaporare che non ha confini tanto che finisce col ritrovarsi invischiata in situazioni al limite A complicare il tutto si aggiunge la presenza di Peter Bell, amico di famiglia, di lei da sempre segretamente innamorato In appena un centinaio di pagine il libricino prende forma caratterizzandosi per l essere una perfetta fotografia di quella societ newyorkese illuminata dalla scintillante Central Park ed offuscata dalla squallida quotidianit di Brooklyn, e distinguendosi per la presenza di questi personaggi eclettici e peculiari Se la giovane mossa dall inquietudine, dalla bramosia, dalla fame di vivere, i due ragazzi, Peter e Clyde, sono gli opposti della sua
I adored this book It may not be as polished as many of his later works, and some of the characters not half as developed, but it s a nice little novella to read on a warm, sunny afternoon, and there are some moments within it that are simply magical, written so beautifully that the hairs on the back of my neck stood up Although some may argue that there are not nearly enough of these moments to make reading the book worthwhile, I would argue that its rough and ready nature is what makes it so alluring.Grady McNeil is something a bit different by way of a heroine, and she seems to have very little knowledge of what she wants and what she needs, but she is enticing enough for the reader to be completely absorbed in her world.The ending is confusing, and not quite in keeping with the rest of the novel, but maybe this could be because Mr Capote had no idea where to take it, and so he just allowed it to reach a rather literal dead end.W
Shocking ending for seemingly like a romantic comedy This has verve and is direct than his Breakfast at Tiffany s 4 stars The slow build worked for me While reading, I was taking this book lightly because I almost always doubt this manuscript of a dead famous writer found in the cellar attic of his house thing It is either there really is a manuscript but it is unfinished, e.g., Suite Fran aise 1 star or maybe the author did not really want his book to be published In either case, the book would only appeal to eager beaver fans of the author.However, I still prefer Breakfast over this one because this has a thinner plot, less interesting conflicts and fewer memorable characters Capote did not want this to be published because he thought that this was thin, clever, unfelt Source Wiki After all, this was his first written novel His first published work that made him known was his Other Voices, Other Rooms.Grady is a 17 y o girl who decides not to join her parents and sister to the family s annual vacation This time, in France The reason She is eyeing
I adored this book.Beautifully written.Sparkling, poetic, lyrical prose.Grady is a witty heroine who I loved.Wonderful setting of 1920 s New York.Although there was an underlying sense of dread as the book reached it s climax A little gem of a boo
Summer CrossingSummer Crossing il primo romanzo di Truman CapoteUn romanzo che inizi a scrivere a soli 19 anni, a cui continu a lavorare per un decennio, ma che non volle mai pubblicare.E poi E poi ,per caso, stato ritrovato nella sua vecchia casa di Brooklyn, tra lettere e scartoffie, scritto a mano su dei quaderni e quindi pubblicato ,solo pochi anni fa Romanzo giovanile, dunque, anche per tematiche, che racconta l incontro d estate ,in una New York afosa e affascinante, tra Grady e Clyde.Grady una ragazza viziata, ribelle, con la smania di crescere e di fare nuove esperienze di una impulsiva diciassettenne,Clyde pi grande, ha 23 anni, un veterano di guerra, uno che sbarca il lunario come posteggiatore , con l aria da duro , pi esperto, ma in fondoRomanzo acerbo Forse.Ma non nella scrittura, molto piacevole , affilata, esatta, sicura ,gi matura.Altro protagonista della storia Peter, l amico d infanzia di Grady a me piaciuta molto la descrizione della loro complicit Lasciarono c

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