Predatory Animals

Predatory Animals IN THE TOWN OF SHADELAND, PEOPLE ARE VANISHING.After Suffering A Near Death Accident, Casper Brown Awakens With A Strange New Connection To Three Stray Dogs Recently Adopted By His Family Casper S Nights Are Filled With Dreams Of The Dogs Activities At Times He Can Even See Through Their Eyes And What He Witnesses Has Him Worried For His Family S Safety.AN ENIGMATIC EVIL IS HIDING, WAITING TO STRIKE.The Pummels Are The Most Beloved Family In Town Though Their Wealth, Philanthropy, And Charisma Form A Cloud Of Mystery About Them, Their Work With The Town S Exotic Cat Rescue Center Has Captured The Heart Of The People But The Pummels Are Guarding A Secret One They Will Kill To Keep Quiet.ITS HUNGER IS INSATIABLE.Shadeland Is A Town Of Shadows, Where Hunters Hide In Plain Sight And Prey Scurry About Unaware But A New Predator Has Been Unleashed One Unlike Any This World Has Seen.ITS SURVIVAL IS OUR DOOM. After reading the synopsis, I knew I had to read this book A near death experience and psychic connection to three mysterious dogs A haunted forest where strange things stir Disappearing people And something evil in the mix Right up my alley.The mystery and magic behind the three dogs was probably my favorite part When Casper Brown nearly drowns, he suddenly has a psychic connection to three dogs that mysteriously happen to follow each of his three children home on the same day How strange And these dogs are smart They can do all kinds of things a dog shouldn t be able to.It s simple for Casper to be curious about the recent disappearances His life is already strange and he s formed a bond with the two men who rescued him, one being a police officer Not wanting to go into a lot of details, I ll just say the two guys made this story even entertaining.And what s a good horror story without some villains This has some character s you ll love to hate The Pummel family is the town s staunchest benefactors and their large cat sanctuary is very popular, but they have some secrets When Casper and his two friends threaten their nefarious endeavors,they show their true colors.I want to talk about the cover art for this story too The vibrant colors and shadowy figures are spectacular Once you read this book, you ll see how much the picture tells the story
. A fast paced thriller Not my usual genre but one I will be turning to often from now on The author has a way with words that draws you into his written world from start to finish. I was gifted a copy for this book for an honest review.I actually finished this book a couple of days ago and it s taken me a while to be able to write my review This paranormal thriller pulled me in that deep I m still having trouble letting go.During the first chapter I ll be honest and say I really couldn t get in to the book I had to keep stopping and using Google to search the meaning of some words I m far from illiterate and think it could have been of a language barrier However, I ve never had this issue before reading books from other American authors Once I got past the first chapter I was hooked What I like about this book is it s not a who s done it book You know exactly who s done it and there is plenty of who s doing it from different angles The author has not only allowed us to see into the mind of Casper, the good guy, but also the Pummel fa
Pretty interesting and innovative.Though I do have some bones to pick with it view spoiler First off, who is this Uriah How did he come to be in this world Why did he want to unleash the Scorpion Where did Scorpion come from Another thing that bothered me was the evolution of the characters interaction Shortly after meeting, Casper, Patrick and Dale become best buddies and partners in crime trying to solve the mystery of St Francis Yet, I didn t feel them being close, I was merely told I wasn t sure what bonded the men, other than Patrick and Dale saving Casper s life from Rogers River And though that is a good reason, I wanted The same with Sly and Bobby We only got snapshots their first discussion, then next thing, they re working together to escape Casper loved Maggie but for most of the book they seemed at odds and not very affectionate And I guess, bottom line is I was looking forward to reading about the connection betwe
It starts like a Stephen King novel with a supernatural event Where King spends time developing his characters, Beyers gives us 3 plot strings following three different people and throws us in with their stories The strings disentangle slowly and we learn about the people involved and the natural and supernatural events.The storyflow is good but a few times, the time passed too quickly with a bigger gap inbetween scen
What a rush of action and horror Cas is a man recently retired from the Marine Corps due to an injury He and his family have moved to a new town to start over Many things are happening that all converge on Cas and his family I don t want to say too much since it
Predatory animalsRecently retired Marine, Casper and his family have recently moved to small town Shadeland Shortly after their move, Casper proves his heroism by attempting to make a save that he believes was unsuccessful in making, but actually was not There are lots of characters in this story and we follow the paths of several of them In doing this you get several points of view Which is good as there are several plots and sub plots I felt that the author was a very clever storyteller, very descriptive and told a gripping story There were a few thing
I love stories about ordinary people who face extraordinary situations and ultimately prevail This book had plenty of suspense and several seemingly unrelated plots that all came together at the end.There were some typos and misuse of words, which distracted from the reading experience and detracted from my rating With better editing, this would have been a five star read It was still a decent read, with a unique plot It sat unread on my
I was blessed with a free copy of this book, and I have chosen of my own volition to share my review with you.Imagine moving to a new home, and life becoming like a science fiction movie This book grabs your attention and doesn t let go The main characters are
Very interesting story that has different threads running through it but extremely well written with well rounded interesting characters This book kept me thinking about it in the times when I had to put it down to deal with real life Reminds me