UnrememberedA Catastrophic Plan Crash Leaves One Survivor A Girl With No Memory.Who Is She Where Does She Come From Nobody Knows And No One Comes Forward To Claim Her.Haunted By A Looming Threat She Can T Remember And Plagued By Abilities She Doesn T Understand, She Struggles To Recall Who She Is But Every Clue Leads To Questions And She S Running Out Of Time To Answer Them.Her Only Hope Is A Boy Who Claims They Were Once In Love.Alone And On The Run, Who Should She Trust And What If She Discovers That She Is Safer With A Past That Stays Unremembered 2.5 starsThe problem with Unremembered is that it explores a concept which, though fascinating, has been done many times before in various ways and has also been done far better What you have here is a simple, entertaining sci fi novel about a girl who is than what she seems, supposedly the sole survivor of a plane crash but unable to remember anything Further, her name isn t on the flight manifest and no one can find out who she is, where she came from or who her family are.It s a fast paced ride that will probably wow readers who are new to the young adult science fiction genre because the questions it asks are ones that many love to ponder what is it that makes us human If a person with a prosthetic limb can still be considered human, what about someone made up of prosthetic organs If we were to create a robot that breathes, eats, thinks and feels like a human, is it still not human And why or why not But, when it comes down to it, this is hardly a new area and I think readers who enjoyed The Adoration of Jenna Fox could be disappointed by this similar but far simplistic tale.Unremembered is the beach read equivalent of The Adoration of Jenna Fox without
ugh WHY WHY WHY has everything I ve read lately been so predictable This girl woke up from a plane crash and can t remember anything I find that odd because it only took me to page 23 to figure everything out why couldn t she That has to be like some kind of new record I wanted to love this book but my eyes nearly fell out from rolling them so hard You want me to believe that this guy loves this girl even though they barely know each other and most of their time spent toget
Be warned This review does contain mild spoilers.You know that feeling when you are expecting one thing out of a book and it completely delivers something else, and not for the better It s the kind of situation where you expectations completely sabotage your reading experience That s what happened with Unremembered and I Technically, there isn t anything wrong with the story I fairly enjoyed the writing style and the characters, but in the end it s not very memorable It reminds me a lot of a few other sci fi novels I ve read recently Origin and Eve Adam They all feature people created by science in some way or another, each with varying degrees of complexity I d situate Unremembered somewhere in between the two.The premise is what really drew me in Seraphina is found at the scene of a plane crash with no memory of how she got there or anything from her past, including her name As the novel wears on, the reader and Seraphina learn and about her past thanks mostly the Mysterious Boy that she feels drawn to In the beginning, I was really enjoying it because it was intriguing However, once the romance manifested and consumed the plot, the original excitement I had began to die off There is a scene where the love interest, Zen, is focused on her remembering him instead of other memories I felt were a bit important given her situation AKA, bad guys are after her and she doesn t know why Apparently, he didn t feel that was important, wh
I was going to review this book, but then I waited too long, and even after a long chat with someone who had just read it I have no freaking clue what this was even about So my final thoughts this book was perfectly titled. 3.5 stars Everybody knows the memories that really matter don t live in the mind When I started reading this book I thought that it s too basic and predictablebut,boy,was I wrong.The main character is fantastic,I loved experiencing the world through her violet eyes.I couldn t wait to find out what happened to her or who she really is.The story is very interesting The Rules is actually quite similar to this book I seriously love Cody and his sarcasm.I also love the meaning behind S Z 1609,it was easy to guess the names but the year turned out to be the most important clue in the book.Oh,and that ending Wow.Favourite quotes Forgetting who you are is so much complicated than simply forgetting your name It s also forgetting your dreams Your aspirations What makes you happy What you pray you ll never have to live without It s meeting yourself for the first time, and not being sure of your first impression Was it those girls She takes a guess Did they say something to upset you If only it was as simple as that If only I was a normal human being who couldn t speak in foreign languages without knowing I was speaking them and solve unsolvable math problems without remembering how If only I didn t have boys following me around
Love the foster brother He s so cool Would love to hang out with him and his group of friends The mysterious opening was so riveting How crazy to wake up surrounded by bodies Can totally picture that in a movie. Call it a character flaw if you will, but I have a desperate need for things to make sense, or at the very least, I want to be tricked into thinking they do This is especially true with sci fi obviously not everything is possible, or even probable, but there are ways of making even the most unlikely things seem real Authors, if you don t know how, just ask Mira Grant This is where Jessica Brody failed her ambition was bigger than her skill, and when the time came to offer explanations, she took the easy way out In this case, easy also meant unconvincing While I adore the subject of memory loss, it is a slippery slope for authors and very few of them do a good enough job Human brain is still a big mystery, which I suppose allows writers to take certain liberties, but not everything can be random An example of memory loss handled convincingly in YA would be Thyla by Kate Gordon, in my opinion, but like with her sci fi elements, Jessica Brody bit off than she could chew The doctors say I should remember things like that Although my personal memories seem to be temporarily lost, I should be familiar with everyday objects and brands and the names of celebrities But I m not. It took me a while to really get interested
Books dealing with memory loss is my biggest pet peeve, I enjoy the entire concept of for whatever reason a protagonist loses their memory and spends most of the story trying to discover who and what they were before the accident But I ve never found a novel which deals with memory loss which has totally wowed me I ve found that novels which take a light hearted approach to this such as What Alice forgot, I m likely to enjoy, where as those with a big conspiracy theory behind everything tend to confuse me even Unfortunately Unremembered for me falls into the latter category Despite starting off fun, with Violet trying to find her place in her foster family and forming a relationship with her witty step brother Cody, the path the story followed kind of dwindled off into strangers lurking in the shadows and accusations being thrown about all over the place of who Violet really was I quite liked the first half when Violet and Cody become their own little detectives and did their own investigating, the second half unfortunately I didn t like at all.For me personally Brody attempted to throw too much into the mix, I barely got my head around what Violet was and then we had all these individuals popping up claiming to be friends of Violet, who could she trust I liked getting into the back story into Violet s life, but after everything I didn t find it all that exciting The r
Despite a few scattered patches in the writing, this turned out to be a really great read I love the story line concept It was delivered with a great mix of mystery and intrigue and even gives us something then what s typically expected But I think it s the love story that really made this one standout I ve always been a sucker for undeniable love and Sera and Zen really made a dent in my heart The way Zen never gave up and is willing to do what ever it takes took my breath away.This was

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