A Victory Celebration

A Victory Celebration NOTE This Kindle Edition Is No Longer Available And Has Been Replaced By ASIN B00I94RE9Y.What S Good For The Gander Has To Be Good For The Goose Or So Morgan Thinks The Fleet Has Won A Major Battle And Ravindra S Doing His Celebratory Thing With His Officers Morgan Gets A Rare Invite For A Girls Night Out Dinner, A Little Dancing, A Little Jealous Pining And A Whole Lot Of Trouble When Ravindra Discovers His Lady Is Out N About Without Protection What Started As An Innocent Night On The Town Turns Into Something Very, Very Different.This Short Story Includes Sex Scenes. Too short But I knew it was a short going in I m just a greedy GVDR fan Anyway, this short story is great There s some fun, there s some sex, there s some intrigue, and there s some sci fi I definitely recommend reading the first two stories Supertech and Morgan s Choice firs
While this short story was good, I did not feel like it really contributed to the series like a space filler. I loved this little story