Tempting the Texas Tycoon

Tempting the Texas Tycoon What In The World Did A Fat Girl Need With A String Bikini As Much As Laney Loved Her Best Friend And Appreciated The Gift, There Was No Way She Was Going Downstairs To Their Joint Birthday Party In This Uh Uh, No Way Caleb Was Down There Tall, Dark, Dreamy The Stuff Of Her Fantasies She Wasn T About To Strut Her Flab In Front Of Him Caleb Avoided The Lovely Laney Whenever Possible Those Curves Of Hers Were Dangerous To His Peace Of Mind But What Was A Man To Do When Everything He D Ever Wanted Came Packaged In A Teeny Weeny Bikini Why, Untie It Of Course.Mature Audiences Only Short Sensual Read What Just like that That s it Mmmm I know this was going to be short, but it stopped before we even got to the good stuff So goodThe only reason I didn t give 4 stars is because it was too short I loved the simplicity of the story Well written characters and story line Would love to see this expanded. TWO A HALF STARS Very, very short novella with vulnerable, no self esteem chunky girl wears a bikini and suddenly is hot to the man she loves from afarher best friend s older brother No sex in the story just some frank languag
i was loving the story but it was way to damn short It felt like it was missing something i understand it was a novella but it lacked alot Wish there was to it i was really getting into it then it ended took me 15 minutes to read. Too short to even call it a novella