Wicked Woman (Wicked Trilogy, #2)

Wicked Woman (Wicked Trilogy, #2) The Wolves Ran Wild In The Tunnel, Looking For Anything They Could Eat These Were Not Normal Size Wolves They Were Extremely Large And Voracious When They Came Upon A Door, They Would Sniff It, Then Try And Claw And Break It Down One Time They Came Upon A Door And Heard Children Playing On The Other Side They Scratched At The Door Until It Was Almost Caved In The Children Ran Screaming Into Another Area, Hopefully A Safer One The Wolves Lost Interest And Ran On A Door Opened And One Could Hear A High Pitch Woman S Voice Screaming For Them To Come They Disappeared Down The Tunnel.Early The Next Morning, A Door Opened And The Woman Let The Wolves Out To Roam Free Through The Tunnels She Would Occasionally Come Out Into The Tunnels At Night And Wander She Would Try And Open Some Of The Doors I Will Bring My General Lothar And Some Of His Men With Me Next Time And We Will Break Down These Doors I Am Sure There Are Young Ones I So Love The Young Ones.The Woman Went Back Through The Door, Into Her Sitting Room It Was Past Midnight And She Was Just Waking She Rang Her Bell, Calling For Her Dressers Three Women Came Running And She Sat Down In Her Dressing Room They Combed Her Black Hair And Put A Light Shade Of Powder On Her Face Her Lashes Were So Long And Her Eyes Were A Transfixing Golden Color Red On Her Lips Completed A Most Beautiful And Frightening Picture Even When She Closed Her Mouth, The Pointed Tips Of Her Eye Teeth Rested On Her Pouty Lower Lip.She Is Queen Ciana And She Is A Monster She Is Waiting For Another Glass Of Her Evening Drink And It Is Late She Stands, Pushing Back Her Dressers And Walks Down The Hall She Opens The Door And Screams, Where The Hell Is My Drink If It S Not Here In One Minute, Someone Will Not See The Sun Rise She Stomps Back To Her Dressing Room And Steps Into Her Evening Gown Up The Back Stairs Comes Mirabelle, Barely Breathing From Fear She Lowers Her Head And Sets The Drink On Queen Ciana S Table She Awaits Her Punishment.Very Low And Calm, Queen Ciana Says, What Took You So Long Mirabel Please Forgive Me Your Royal Highness, I Tripped On The Stairs The First Time And Had To Go Back And Clean Up I Will Never Be Late Again Highness Mirabel Said She Was Trembling And Just Knew That She Might Be Flying Down The Back Stairs Again.Queen Ciana Looked At The Girl, Not Over 16, And Said, If My Drink Is Late Again, Mirabel, You Will Be My Drink Do You Understand What I Am Saying To You Yes I Understand Your Highness Mirabel Said.