Her Ex Next Door

Her Ex Next Door Ginny Hasn T Told Anyone About Her Brief Marriage Nine Years Ago Not Even Her New Fianc But Sometimes What Happens In Vegas Doesn T Stay In Vegas.Ginny Is Planning To Get Married In Six Weeks, But Then Her Ex Husband Derek Shows Up Derek Has Always Been Trouble Too Smart, Too Sexy, Too Unreliable Ginny Wants Nothing To Do With Him, But Now He S Rich, And He Has Mischief On His Mind Ginny Does Not Want To Trade Her Dreams Of Happily Ever After For A Guaranteed Heartache But What If He S Changed Her Ex Next Door Is A Quirky, Sweet Contemporary Romance. I liked it It has its fun moments I enjoyed it. Novella sized entertainment These Beverly Farr books are perfect for a little pick me up when I don t feel like reading or investing time a big long book Clean, but still has romantic tension It gets 5 stars for delivering exactly what I wanted 4.5 stars of absolutely delightful I stayed up ridiculously late finishing this book, but I found it impossible to put down Derek seemed like a jerk initially, while Phillip seemed to be a perfect gentleman, but gradually you start to see things as they really are not as gradually as Ginny but that s part of the dramatic tension, lol I enjoyed Derek s fun and flirty banter with Ginny Phillip and Miranda seemed a little over t
Loving Her ExGreat book Very sweet romance Instead of a wicked step mother this book has a wicked mother A divorced couple discover they still love each other. I liked this one I thought it was a fun story and I liked Ginny and Derek Nine years ago they had a whirlwind marriage, lasted only a few months Now Ginny is about to get remarried when she finds out that Derek has moved in next door to her mom Seeing one another has brought back all their feelings Ginny has had very poor examples of marriage and never really had any support from her mom or her many step dads She learned to guard her heart and had little trust in men Derek tried to put Ginny out of his heart, but seeing her again brought back all his old feelings and having her so close he s determined to win her heart all over again I like that he understood her and didn t want to give up on her He was quick to forgive, but she had to take the first steps If anyone is worried about her fianc , don t He was lame view spoiler I don t like cheating stories and that aspect did keep me from totally loving the story I did like that the second she realizes her true feelings she ends things q
Her Ex Next Door intrigued me and I decided to check it out for a change of pace The tale could easily get bogged down in bitterness but it does not It is a lovely, fun read that is like a summer popcorn movie You will get it, read it, enjoy it, and feel it is money well spent, but the details might not stick with you This isn t a bad thing, it is a fun read and easy to get into It s an excellent choice for when you ve been feeling blue or had a blah day and need a pick me up sort of story mild spoilers, really mild Beverly delivers exactly the tale promised here, but where it could have been a bitter ending of a long marriage, we simply have financial problems that caused issues for the couple originally Beverly shows us that true love can t always conquer all, but changes in circumstance can let it strike twice And there is a nice touch of ambiguity later on that keeps you wondering a bit how things will come out to a happy ending spoilers over So if you need a f
I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.Read my full review HERE was the first romance novel I ever read Honestly, the plot synopsis made it sound like the type of super cliche book that I would totally hate But it wasn t I was SO HAPPY Plus, the cover is totally adorable I read this book during finals week, and it made my life so much easier Great stress reliever It was a fun book.I should ve hated these characters They had the making of characters I would hate Cuz, you see, Lynette Dalley does not like romance novels And yet I loved these characters, and this book
Aww this was so cute And frustrating Derek and Ginny together were totally messed up But in the end they worked things out Phillip was so boring it made me yawn And he was a bit of a jerk I didn t like him at all Derek was a bit of a jerk too a couple times especially in the beginning, but he was also so easy to love He was really caring, attentive and kinda cute Yeah, and sexy too Ginny was messed up really bad and I m blaming her mother for it Miranda was so hateful and an awful mother She ac
3 5 starsHmm, I enjoy reading this story but I would like to have a better glimpse on the thoughts of Derek I mean he didn t really undergo the process of thinking about their past and finally decided that he would pursue her again because he can t live without her If ever he did undergone such process, the author didn t give us the opportunity to witness that That would be a good chance for the r
I HATE MIRANDA I felt so bad for Ginny, going all this time without love She should have been able to talk things over with someone I was so pleased that Derek didn t give up on her, and did a full court press to get her back I al