The Alzheimers Patient Who Couldnt Forget

The Alzheimers Patient Who Couldnt Forget 85 Year Old Jew, Sam Coombs Is Confined To A Nursing Home In The Mississippi Delta, Where He Is Steadily Losing His Mind But It S What He Can T Forget That Torments Him.Coombs Has A Secret A Secret So Powerful It Could Free A Wrongfully Convicted Inmate, Expose A Cunning Blackmailer, Destroy A Prominent Family, Bring A Vicious Murderer To Justice, And Shake The Foundations Of Mississippi S Political Structure. This book was very good We start out with an old man who is afflicted with Alzheimer s but cannot rest due to some buried knowledge in his past He has lost his wife and his children, which are bad enough, but there is something else that he feels responsible for The characters are well developed
As they say you can t tell a book by it s cover, or it s title either A much better book than I expected and it has, as do all Gary Gusick s books, interesting characters This is the forth book by Gary Gusick that I have read this month and they all are well worth a read, well writt
Much better than I thought it would be I Recommend this book It is a very interesting story, not just about an old man who is losing his memory as the title would suggest, although he is an important character in the story. A must read Not what I thought it would be, but a smashing story of mystery, lies, racism, and the want of truth.