Filthy Shades of Gray

Filthy Shades of Gray FILTHY SHADES OF GRAYa.k.a The Pervert And The SlagWhen Anna Helps Her Best Friend Kit By Interviewing Local High Flying Fruit Stall Owner Chris Gray, The Last Thing She Expects Is To Become Embroiled In A Filthy New Relationship Based Almost Entirely On Perverted Sex.But This Is Exactly What Happens As Anna Copes With The Rather Mundane Life Tasks Of Finishing College, Moving To A New Flat And Attempting To Find A Job, She Embarks Upon A Series Of Escalating Sexual Encounters Involving Her Disgusting New Boyfriend And His Outrageous Sexual Appetites Filthy Shades Of Gray Is A Ripping Piss Take Of The Wildly Popular Fifty Shades Of Grey , And Will Appeal To Fans Of The Original And Also To Those That Couldn T Bring Themselves To Read It.Review From Proof Reader And Fellow Author Johnny Heisenberg A Vicious Parody Roach Takes A Knife To A Popular Phenomenon, Stabs It And Leaves It Bleeding In The Gutter I Couldn T Stop Laughing. I take it that most of the world know knows what Fifty Shades of Grey actually is I myself had the unpleasantness of reading it Something i wish i never done in the first place, and thinking back now, wondering what made me actually waste my money on rubbish like that And it now the biggest selling book in the UK Makes me really see what the world is coming too What Made Me Buy This BookWell, i actually found this book free on the kindle I think i first saw it on the page when i was flicking through and the cover reminded me of the cover of FSoG Then i found it was a parody I just had to have it After reading the serious book, i just had to see the funny side of it And it really does live it up I mean, Fifty Shades of Grey is a book written badly by El James, who fantisied about it when she watched Twilight It s sick If you want to write your fantasies, fine, but why bother showing the whole world We don t want to know And i see people at bus stop s and reading it in parks, it s porn people Why do you have to advertise to other people, that you read porn Well how many people actually read porn Don t you just skip to the dirty bits And for anyone who thinks that the Fifty Shades of Grey series who say and i quote OMG It
It s difficult to review a book in terms of parody when you haven t read the book being parodied there are still a few of us However, the author states that it stands alone and I agree, it does It s rude, crude and raunchy and in places downright gross but the purpose of parody is to exaggerate as well as to amuse I downloaded the sample of the original book but found it very dry I evidently didn t persist as far as the juicy bits This short novel starts rather similarly to the book itself but is very funny I have probably missed a good number of in jokes which will mean if you have read Grey As the book progresses tho
I couldn t resist this when I saw it it was free and having read Fifty Shades of Grey I thought it would prick it s ego.There are so many easy targets in the original that it would be impossible to lampoon it badly, and this book bears testament to that.This is my first read of a parody, and it worked pretty well for me, except that the author seemed to run out of steam towards the end of the book, and
Trash it was okay, as far as parodies go could have done with out all of the poop talk just glad it was a free book. Description When Anna interviews a wealthy and successful fruit stand owner, she has no idea that she is being roped into a filthy relationship with the sexually perverse Mr Gray Filthy Shades of Gray aka The Pervert and the Slag by Steve Roach is a parody of the bestselling erotic novel Fifty Shades of Grey by E L James.Review I was offered the chance to read E L James Fifty Shades of Grey this year, but I am not a fan of erotica so I turned it down, but when a fellow reviewer told me how hilarious the parody was, I was curious Upon looking at the cover, I was intrigued It couldn t be that bad, right Well, it was and it wasn t I ve read many parodies over the years, so I know what to expect and one of the main requirements is that the plot characters are reminiscent of the ones in the work being parodied, and according to other readers, they are Since I did not read the original, I am not sure if I understood all of the references, however, I did find some humor in the overall plot and dialogue it seemed to get better as the book progressed I definitely believe that this book should be read after the Fifty Shades trilogy because it is not as well developed as a full novel, and there are holes in the character personalities and histories If I did not know anything about the Fifty Shades books, I would no
WARNING Do not read this book while drinking tea coffee wine water delete as applicable as they will make a projectile escape through your mouth nose elsewhere again delete as applicable whether through sheer disgust or your inability to contain your laughter is for you to find out.For the most part I found this book filthy, disgusting and hilarious However, as the book went on I found the filthy and disgusting content went from funny to making me sick in my mouth and the hilarious was too forced and too often that it became boring I stopped laughing about half way into the book and seriously started to question the authors state of mind, and my o
First of all, I, like a number of others have not read the appalling 50 Shades series but alas I cannot speak for the missus I have attempted to read Parodies before and found them forced, as if trying to squeeze a laugh out of every possible reference to the original This book was refreshingly different and rightly stands on its own as a book as well as a parody of the original.I m used to reading humour but it s been a while since a single book made me guffaw with laughter as regularly as this I nearly spat out my coffee when I read the scene in the cinema If you have an open sense of humour some would say twisted you will love this book For those who have no sense of humour whatsoever and who seem to forget that this is a work of parody, you will most likely be shocked and offended by some of the contents and will no doubt be writing a strongly worded letter to Points of View signed by Flabberghasted in Fulham or some such.Anyway back to the bookquite simply a nice, easy,
I have to say don t stone me to death please that I DID NOT LIKE the original fifty shades book, I read half of one and then could read no I did not like how Anna was such a non feminist and how slimy and demanding and smug Christian was Wash now, eat now blah blah Oh my, no.So when I saw this for free on Kindle, well I bagged it and read the whole thing and loved it So funny, and sarky, it was a welcome relief from all the women constantly talking about Christian Gray, who I would not touch with a bargepole.I have only given it 3 stars however, because the sex scenes were a bit too much to stomach for me, but they were brilli
So wrong in so many ways Fucked up, sick and twisted. Those that thought 50 shades of grey was wrong need to read this to realise how vanilla 50 shades really is This was a well written story, its content leaves little to be desired shudders