Sunset Seduction

Sunset Seduction One Evening One Date Easy, Right Heather Tramonto, A Business Woman With Only Her Career And A Quickie On Her Mind, Is All Set For Her 1NS Date And A Bit Of Adult Fun No Conditions, No Commitment When A Surprise Shows Up At Her Door.Lane Stanwyck Is Entering The Dating World After Years Of An Estranged Marriage And The Passing Of His Hostile Wife When Madame Eve Schedules An Anonymous Tryst For Him No Conditions, No Commitment He Believes It To Be The Perfect Arrangement For His First Time Out In The Dating Field In Ages That Is Until He Sees The Woman Of His Dreams.One Night No Strings That Might Be A Problem For This Pair. What if you found out the man you were in love with was married Heather Tramonto found out and ran away, changing her looks and her name She started over but her heart was never the same Now Madame Eve has arranged for that man to come back into her life Will Heather take a chance on love again Lane Stanwyck had fallen for Heather when she worked with him but he was married and didn t want to explain about the messy divorce he was going through When Heather found out, she disappeared from his life Only chance and Madame Eve s magic bring them together.Sunset Seduction is a sizzling tale of two people who were meant for each other but were unable to stay together because of other circumstances When they both sign up for the One Night Stand dating service, they don t realize that they were placed together on purpose Heather only wanted a night of sex She had gone for so long without it But when she saw Lane in the door, her heart got involved The little snipets that he shared drew her heart into the mix She was definitely falling for him again I loved that two people who had messed up their relationship before could have a second chance at love Everyone deserves to be happy.Heather is very controlling in Sunset Seduction Almost like she was afraid to let her heart get involved Only once Lane figures out it is her, does she let her guard down The sex between the characters was steamy with the
Cheesy little short seduction story about two old time lovers It was alright but kind of lame Way to short It should of been written into a bigger novel and developed further Would of been a way better sell.