A Saint Comes Stumbling In

A Saint Comes Stumbling In Can A Rejected Wife Conquer Self Doubt, Trap A Criminal, And Win Love A Patron Saint Might HelpThirty Something Joan Nelson Has To Contend With Than A Biological Clock Or An Identity Crisis Despite Her Ardent Belief In A Conventional Marriage, She Finds Herself Deserted For A Younger, Slimmer Woman Lacking Any Skills Or Education, She S Thrust Unprepared Into The Nightmare Challenge Of Making A Living For The First Time In Her Sheltered Existence.A Job As A Receptionist In A Law Firm Is The First Rung On The Ladder To Her Independence Yet The Taste Of Success Sours When Joan Considers The Emptiness Of Her Personal Life How Can She Reconstruct Her Damaged Life And Heal Her Bruised Ego Ill Equipped For The Singles Scene, She Embarks On A Confusing, Sometimes Frightening, New Lifestyle.When Joan Stumbles On A Crime Perpetuated By A Charming Cad, She Must Defy Her Boss, Jeopardize Her Newly Won Stability, And Reject Her Friends Her Namesake, Joan Of Arc, Provides A Model Of Courage And Insight If She Risks Danger And Uncertainty, Will She Discover That Independence And Adulthood Can Be Both Enjoyable And Fulfilling Does Optimism Beat Pessimism Who Would Have Dreamed Her Final Victory Could Solve A Childhood Puzzle While It Brings Her True Love Joan Nelson s ex husband, James, drops a bombshell He needs her to sell their house because his girlfriend is pregnant This is the final blow to Joan, who wanted a child from her marriage to James, but it never happened Reeling from the divorce, she learns to cope with doing things for herself She has no college degree, has a low level job in a law firm, and struggles to exist She s lost in her own world of hopelessness but her friend, Delores, who works in the cafeteria of the building where the firm has its offices, is than willing to draw Joan into the dating game They visit art shows, outdoor concerts, and even try a night out dancing Joan has an overwhelming crush on one of the lawyers, Scott, who rents space at the office She wants to appear attractive but cookies and ice cream have been her friends since the divorce One evening during one of her downward spirals, Joan watches a movie about Joan of Arc and then and there Joan Nelson decides she can conquer anything An old friend from high school, Kevin, shows up at her door Kevin is a realtor She is always
Originally posted at with humor and replete with growing pains of a divorced woman, A Saint Comes Stumbling In takes the reader on a vicarious journey with Joan Nelson She goes from a stay home wife with limited marketable skills, whose self image is in the cellar, to being a capable, confident, much loved lady The zigs and zags, stumbles, falls, and scrambling back up to try again make the reader keep turning pages just to see what will happen next.Joan s almost manic depressive personality has her operating at sky high or dirt low most of the time Her stages of grief, her self deprecation, and her self improvement projects keep her emotions on a roller coaster ride In her self centered world, she seems blind to both her mother and her longtime friend, Kevin s unfailing support.Dolores, her ever optimistic friend, coaxes Joan out into the hunt for a man world where Joan is exposed to segments of society alien to her way of life The descriptions of these encounters tickle the funny bone.Joan s obsession with Scott Clark, the young, handsome lawyer, sets her on a self improvement phase that her friend Kevin organizes for her and helps her to stay on target As they interact, the reader soon realizes Kevin has one agenda and Joan has another fun to see how things evolve.A few of the episodes in A Saint Comes Stumbling In are a little too far out, yet ridiculously funny Overall the story is a
Fun book to read When her marriage breaks up, she takes on new inerests to make her life interesting She then grows up and discovers love but does not realize it She only thinks of him as a friend When Joan s husband, James, leaves her for another woman, she s devastated She has her mother,Barbara, old friend, Kevin and new friend, Delores to help her start over They have their work cut out for them Light hearted comedy.