Tiger's Curse

Tiger's CurseKelsey Nigdy Nie Uwierzy Aby W To, E Lato Sp Dzi W Towarzystwie Tajemniczego Bia Ego Tygrysa, Pr Buj C Prze Ama Pradawn Hindusk Kl Tw Przemierzaj C Kraj Pe En Magii I Niebezpiecze Stw, B Dzie Musia A Zaryzykowa Wszystko, By Uratowa M Czyzn , Kt Rego Kocha. If I had to describe Tiger s Curse in one word, that word would be embarrassing I m not joking Have you ever been in the company of one of those people who is not vindictive or mean, but is unintentionally racist in a way that makes you feel really uncomfortable Maybe they mimic a foreign accent and think they re being funny Or they make a joke and don t know the history well enough to know how not fucking funny it is This book is like one of those people.Let s start at the beginning of this cringy, offensive, and downright stupid story.Small prologue aside, the story opens with Kelsey giggling inanely at a job interview Despite having no qualifications and obviously being a few brain cells short of an IQ rating, Kelsey gets the job one that requires her to live for two weeks with the circus Right away something seemed a bit off when Kelsey hadn t mentioned to her foster parents that she was going for a job, never mind asking for permission to disappear for two weeks Instead, she just comes home and says Yo, I have a job living at the circus for two weeks and her mom is like Ok, see ya Bi
Umm, Obviously I ve read it since I wrote it Have most of the lines memorized now. WARNING RANTING AHEAD.This one is actually getting 1.5 stars NOT 2 THAT S how much I loath you Kelsey Hayes you can take your dumb love plant and SHOVE IT What would you do if someone offered you an all expenses paid trip to India with a mysterious white tiger who also happens to be a handsome Indian prince Eighteen year old Kelsey Hayes is faced with just this offer after spending 2 weeks working as a hired hand at a local circus one summer and her life will never be the same.Soooo I had pretty much been dying to read this book for ages, and after reading review after raving review, I FINALLY picked it up off the shelves I was so positively sure that I was going to absolutely love this book, that by the end, I would be in raptures and stumbling over myself trying to say enough good things about it.I don t know what the hell happened, but this book turned out to be an absolute joke I KNOW, and I hate saying this, but I have to be honest There were some things I liked about Tiger s Curse, but they were all completely overshadowed by some of the worst characterization I ve ever encountered in a book OK, here we goSo first, let me talk a little about Kelsey Hayes, the main charac
Seriously, GR I mean, SERIOUSLY You thought you could just delete my review and it would be gone forever I ll take your deletion and raise you one cached copy of my review and one middle finger My five year old nephew had to prepare a piece about himself for kindergarten last week It went something like this Hi, my name is Manoj I m five years old I like singing I am also a good dancer My favourite food is Maggi noodles What s shocking is that Colleen Houck s prose bears a startling resemblance to my nephew s I kid you not If this story had been written by a twelve year old, I might have respected her acumen Coming from a fully grown woman, it s just sad There is literally nothing to recommend this book The writing style is terrible whoever edited this book will go to a special hell reserved for bad editors The research is awful, the characterisation is complete crap and I am running out of adjectives to describe how bad this book is The sad thing is, I was really excited by the premise of Tiger s Curse There are so few fantasy stories set in India, or around India
Tiger s Curse has to be one of the most embarrassingly incompetent books I have ever read When I first read it in February 2012, I railed against its poor quality and abominably ridiculous characters, but ultimately didn t include it in my end of year ranking of the worst books I d read In fact, I was even generous enough to give it half a star for some modicum of originality.I m now prepared to shave off that half a star and promise to kick my paradox self upside the head if I ever get the opportunity to time travel back to that year.Compared to the stereotypical paranormal romances and dystopias that have characterised young adult fiction for the past few years, the premise for Tiger s Curse was downright refreshing An adventure story in a far flung country rather than some stationary high school drama Sign me up It s just a shame that what I got was a white saviour story with appallingly bad writing In fact, the author herself is quite happy to excuse lazy, hackneyed writing as simply following the Hero s Journey boilerplate a BIG no no if you know anything about creative writing
If you are looking for a good YA paranormal romance series, look no further SERIOUSLY You will read, re read, and then read some until your entire life, lives, breaths, screams, TIGER, and your family threatens to have you committed Just start collecting everything Tiger now, and save yourself some time Now that I ve got that out of the way, lets start with the review Appearance The first thing I noticed when I spotted this book was the detail in the cover I m not a shallow woman, but I do admit that a pretty cover will catch my eye I love that the cover is textured, and that when you turned it in the light, it picks up multiple colors The way the design is blended gives it an almost smokey, or misted image, that is haunting Which makes it all the appropriate, because this story sticks with you, long after your finished reading it It will invade your dreams, your waking thoughts, until you find yourself drawing little hearts encircling the name, Ren The second thing that impressed me was the weight of the book Call me crazy, If you ve made it this far into my review, I m sure your already questioning my sanity , but when your a dedicated reader, you love the feel of the book in your hands, the te
I m white Being white means I have a certain level of privilege that people of colour are not afforded I ve never had to experience racism, I ve never been slurred based on the colour of my skin and I don t have to live with the extreme social and economic gap that people of colour do in terms of employment, higher education, sexual assault, health issues, etc Sometimes when I m looking at an issue, it can be very easy for me to look over the experiences of others This isn t deliberate but it is a sign that my race has levelled the playing field in a way that just isn t open for people who aren t white I make a conscious effort to see the bigger picture, take into account the experiences of others and to check my privilege at every possible turn Frankly, every white person should do so.I say all this now because I think it s important for me to put this disclaimer before my piece, wherein I discuss what I saw as the gross ignorance and cultural appropriation present in the book Tiger s Curse by Colleen Houck, a white American YA author The novel, which takes place primarily in India, centres on a young white American woman called Kelsey who, through a series of laughable and increasingly convoluted events, finds herself looking after a cursed Indian prince who is stuck in the body of a tiger She accompanies him back to h
Edit 9 27 2014 Retroactively reducing my ratings for these books because when I first read them I did not notice the racism cultural appropriation.Okay, I just cannot be bothered to write a long review for this book I can barely be bothered to write a review at all The writing was terrible and the pacing painful from beginning to end, but the characters weren t a total waste well, until Kelsey suddenly and inexplicably decided to be stupid and push Ren away You know, I was sort of enjoying watching the slow build of her relationship with him and it was kind of sweet, and then what the fuck, girl, is all I really have to say even if they were generally cliched and pretty silly The plot is pretty far from mind blowing but it serves its purpose That being said, the writing is really so abysmal that if it hadn t picked up a bit at the end, this would have been a one star read for that reason alone There were times, especially in the beginning, when I could barely get through half a page without hitting a sentence that made me cringe.Anyhow, at this point I really just don t give a fuck any Other than its wr
When I was nine years old, I wrote a story called The Two Trees, which in addition to being basically plagiarized from a number of sources most notably The Ordinary Princess, but also a smidge here and there from Aladdin the film and The Farthest Away Mountain , was obviously written by a nine year old Like, if you would have picked it up and read it completely out of context and then somebody asked you to list off three things that described it, the list would look something like this 1 Princesses are neat,2 Good handwriting,3 Obviously written by a nine year old.Unfortunately, Tiger s Curse reads like it could fit all three of those descriptors, too Publishing is in a really sad state if someone who writes like I did at nine years of age can get published, when so many really talented authors receive rejection letter after rejection letter If the industry was working the way it s supposed to, this book never would have made it to print.You guys know I mean business because this is a one star review, and I NEVER do that Pretty much if a book is even halfway competently written and I enjoy myself while reading it, it gets four stars It s really not that hard to get four stars from me, even three if I can appreciate what an author has done, but it s just not my
I TRIED, GUYS I TRIED BUT I JUST CANNOT FINISH THIS THIS THING.Just look at my status updates to see why I abhor ABHOR this book.Exhibit A

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