Sin & Salvation

Sin & Salvation A Selfish Act Of Greed Or A Self Less Act Of Love Eternal Ian Flynn, A Vampire Finds His Perfect Love In 1823 Victorian England In The Form Of Trevor Sheffield, A Young Stage Actor He Keeps His True Nature A Secret From His Lover Until One Christmas Eve When Trevor Is Brought To The Edge Of Death By A Street Gang Mugging Rather Than Lose The Man Who Helped Him Discover He Still Had A Soul And A Heart To Break , Ian Turns Trevor Afterwards, He Spends Every Christmas Eve Alone, Wondering If He Committed A Selfish Act Of Greed Or A Self Less Act Of Love Eternal. Review posted at The Armchair Reader.A Christmas story in July, Laura Baumbach s latest paranormal short story is at once contemporary and historical, recounting the beginning of the relationship between Ian, a vampire and lover of the theater, and Trevor, an actor in a stage adaptation of Frankenstein in London in the early 1800s Told through one long flashback and bracketed by their present time relationship, Ian and Trevor both have emotions and guilt that they ve not completely worked through over the centuries they ve been together These issues come to a head every Christmas, keeping them apart until they can hopefully overcome them.The blurb pretty much tells the story here, and I wondered after I started reading and realized how central the theme of Christmas is to the story if it were published now so as not to fall into the masses of Christmas stories later this year Possibly, it definitely stands out this way, and the theme of Christmas, of the savior and the will of good to all that are so central to these characters stand out thematically instead of as a prerequisite backdrop to the events in the story.Overall, this is pretty typical vampire fare There isn t anything new, but it is still solidly well written, like the rest of this author s writing Much of the relationship is shown through Ian and Trevor s passionate sexual connection, most especially in the historical section of the s
Laura Baumbach, I will admit, has been an auto buy for me forwell, since I discovered her books It has been tough watching such a talented writer put her craft in the back seat while steering her Press MLR into the publishing juggernaut it has become So, imagine my delight when I saw that she had released this little gem, Sin and Salvation If I am not mistaken this is actually a re release of an older work, The Bite Before Christmas No matter what the title it is a delightful story a sweet tale of love that draws you in and leaves you wanting for .One of this author s strengths is her ability to evoke real emotion in the reader She captures your heart, has you secretly cheering on her characters despite their flaws Her stories are often a mix of sweet and sexy with the emphasis often falling on sexy this woman knows how to write sensual remarkably well And even though thi
Not usually into historical s, but I love vampires and this one sounded good It was I loved both Ian and Trevor The ending was beyond sweet, loved it.