Roslyns Restaurant Rescue

Roslyns Restaurant Rescue Roslyn Greenhouse Is Called To Help Her Friends At Restaurant New Haven At Noon, The Restaurant Is Having A Big Party For Its Very Important Customer Unfortunately, Because Of A Big Storm, Their Chef Cannot Come To Help Can Little Roslyn Save The Day This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here Jamie Drew Addison was kind enough to share a copy of this book with me.Roslyn s Restaurant Rescue is a beautifully illustrated children s book The story is told in a semi rhyme, and each page is accompanied with the aforementioned beautiful artwork I have to tell you, picture books are addictive once you start looking at the drawings closely Also, I love
This was such a cute book I loved how Roslyn came to the rescue and helped fix the dinner for the special guest This book helps teach the lesson with a good attitude and hard work you can do anything, at least that s the message I got from this This would be a good book
The author Jamie Drew Addison was great enough to let me read the EBook addition..It was a very cute children s story about the workings of a restaurant The character of the mouse was adorable, yet believable for children
Very cute book, the author sent me an ebook version and it s a wonderful book I have twin 2 year olds and they enjoyed it very much The words are easy for little ones to understand, the story flows well and the pictures are great thank you A fun story of a hard working mouse with wonderful rhymes and colorful illustrations. I liked this sweet story The drawings are adorable and the writing is a relaxed rhyming style It s a book I look forward to reading with grandchildren some day. Neither the book title or author name appear in Worldcat Bummer.