Hell's Faire (Posleen War, #4)

Hell's Faire (Posleen War, #4)With The Defenses Of The Southern Appalachians Sundered, The Only Thing Standing Between The Ravening Posleen Hordes And The Soft Interior Of The Cumberland Plateau Are The Veterans Of 555th Mobile Infantry Dropped Into Rabun Pass, With A Couple Of Million Posleen Behind Them And Fourteen Million To The Front, The Only Question Is Which Will Run Out First Power, Bullets Or Bodies But They Have A Hole Card Far To The North The Shattered SheVa Nine Is Undergoing A Facelift Rising From Its Smoking Ashes Is A New Weapon Of War, Armed With The Most Advanced Weaponry Terra Has Ever Produced, Capable Of Facing Both The Posleen Hordes And Their Redoubtable Space Cruisers Capable Of Dealing Out Hell As Only SheVa Nine Can If Mike O Neal And The Other Members Of The 555th Are Going To Survive, It Will Come Down To How Much Posleen Butt Bun Bun Can Kick Prepare To Eat Antimatter, Posleen Boy. 05 24 17 re read 3rd time Very good Ties up many things, adds interesting possibilities. Fourth book in the series and it wraps up the entire thing with a Deus Ex Machina trope 2,500 pages, and nothing the characters did mattered at all What a waste of time. This was a decent ending to a crazy series The author was having problems with finishing up When the Devil Dances and then 9 11 happened, so the first two thirds of the final novel was published as the stand alone When the Devil Dances and the grand finale was published as Hell s Faire I know when I first read it, I would have rated it five stars Now, it would be 3.7 3.8, but I ll round it up to fou
Well, the first part of the Posleen saga draws to a close, and I was a little underwhelmed unfortunately It was a little too MOTS of the same for me, and the ending was anti climatic Not that I disliked, but it wasn t a rousing end to the series The biggest problem was the very deus ex machina nature of the ending Things have been getting steadily grimmer and grimmer for the humans on Earth through the series Finally in this book, the nukes start to fly left and right although conveniently they are soft antimatter nukes that have vastly less problematic long term consequences , and the ACS is battered and about to be wiped outagain along with most of the rest of the main characters.Then, out of the blue, the Fleet shows up in orbit with no foreshadowing other than vague references that their other endeavors were out of the Earth system were successful and annihilates billions and billions of Posleen on the planet s surface and rescues humanity All in about 5 10 pages Hmmmm, this sort of begs some questions, like 1 Where are all the Posleen ships in the Terran system 2 Why didn t the Human Fleet send a message while they were moving towards earth t
This is actually a review of both When the Devil Dances and Hell s Faire which really is how the author meant it to be He meant to write one book but got writers block by the 9 11 event so it was released as two books Indeed, Hell s Faire picks up seamlessly where When the Devil Dances leaves of so once should really read them as one Thus I review them as one.This book series have improved greatly from the first book in the series This one is pretty much a pure combat story with only a minimum amount of political nonsense It is not only about Mighty Mike and his Marines but also a lot about some heavy armor and the crew And I mean heavy The crew of the big bad thing calls everything else crunchies and that includes Abrams tanks.As usual John Ringo s combat descriptions are very enjoyable to read and as a whole this combined book was well worth its money The one gripe I have is that it ends without much
An unenthusiastic 3 stars This is a continuation of When the Devil Dancesbut it is not seamless Ringo gives explanations and a little backstory on just about everything the first time we come across it No real effort is made to make this a stand alone book It s obviously just the end of a book that did not get finished I think the extra words are just padding so it didn t look ridiculously thin compared to the previous 3 books The ACS don t do much in this one except sit and shoot No maneuvers or strategy The comparative timelines of the ACS and the Sheeva seem incompatible The battle scenes with the tank were pretty entertaining This is the conclusion of what should have been a trilogy but it didn t seem like it The climax was a little too convenient and timely Everything gets hastily
5 10Well he does explain why 3 didn t finish the series 9 11 This is of the same repetitive military tech porn It felt a bit pointless by the time I d finished it the enemy don t stand up with just sheer mass going for them which is hardly credible in a spacefaring race.The intrusiveness of the author s musical taste is ever evident, with a playlist at the end o
Have successfully crossed the halfway point in the book there has been a lot of opportunity to have headphones in my ears with impunity More of the characters I like and less of the minor people I don t Curious to see how it ends Not sure the side stores are going to interest me as much.Ok, I finished it It wasn t the THE END I had hoped it would be The epilogue contains about 17 hooks for future storylines I would consider
Adventure.Warand obscure internet comics.Sheesh.I mostly enjoyed the Posleen war seriesbut I probably won t read it again Humans have fought and fought and their backs are against the wall in this book One group of fighters now stands between humanity and their future as entrees for the Posleen.Will we survive as a race Will Earth remain a hu
super cheesy yet enjoyable if you like reading how many megatons every single explosion is