The Foundling

The Foundling The Foundling Is A Hot, Tropical Male Male Erotic Romance That Takes Place On A Nameless Island Somewhere In The Vastness Of The Caribbean Diego Is A Powerful Man With A Tragic Past Out On The Expansive Ocean In His Private Yacht, He Discovers A Beautiful And Mysterious Man Adrift On A Raft, Near Death The Bond That Forms Between Them In The Aftermath Of Alec S Rescue Is One Of Fierce Passion, Though Lacking In Trust Can They Make It Work, Or Will Alec S Amnesia Bring Forth Secrets So Disturbing As To Tear Them Apart A Passionately Erotic Love Story Of Desire And Darkness, Exquisite And Explicit Length 33,600 Words 3.5 StarsDiego is a closed off, powerful gangster who finds amnesiac Alec floating in the ocean on life raft The writing is rather sensuous which is what upped it to 4 stars since it was a bit of a fairy tale.Diego hasn t felt anything in a long time but he wants to protect this stranger who turns his life on its head Alec has horrifying nightmares but is unable to remember what happened to him which is probably a good thing in the end.As Alec returns
This is a tough book for me to review I picked it up because I know Wendy Rathbone s writing in other contexts The book description is clear, but by the time I started reading it I had pretty much forgotten that description For that reason, I wasn t quite prepared for this story It s a male on male romance, which is actually one of the few genres I don t read Since I was reading it without the description handy, I was expecting there to be some supernatural elements There wasn t This is a realistic tale When I finally got to a place where I could look up the description, I saw that was exactly how it was described If you enjoy male on male romantic stories, I imagine you will like this one quite a bit There is lush description and considerable poetic language, which is what I expected from Rathbone, and whic
A ruthless and unfeeling man discovers that he has a heart after all Diego Stolar is known as Intocable,The Untouchable With his hands deep in all kind of illegal activities, he s manipulative, cold and uncaring,with no qualms about using any means to achieve his goals Then one day he rescues a man who was drifting in the middle of the ocean The instant need to protect that man takes him by surprise, as does the intensity of his feelings towards him Do I think that a mobster like Diego has anything worth loving I m still debating on that one But I liked wa
I love this book Diego, a power mob boss of the Caribbean, finds a man, Alec, floating in the ocean in a life raft unconscious takes him home with him He doesn t know why he s so drawn to Alec but he is After his doctor checks him over they clean him up , he continues to take care of him until Alec wakes up Alec has no memory of what happened to him but has nightmares is afraid of the ocean thunderstorms Diego researchers Alec to find out what happened to him puts out
What will remain the most with you of this romance is the language, almost poetic Sometime I had the feeling I was reading a poem, not a novel, and it was so enthralling that I was almost forgetting the plot or the characters And you should not because the author decided to being totally honest with them, especially Diego.Diego is the villain, that character that usually will remain unpaired at the end, if he arrives at the end of the story a villain can have honor, but if he doesn t redeem, he cannot have the happily ever after, or at least so are the romance rules Well, here Diego will not redeem, and until the very end, he will maneuver is dark empire with a coldness that is scaring, a coldness that, on the other hand he doesn t reserve to Alec, the man he found lost at sea and that he brought back to life apparently Sure Diego has a tragic past, and he became who he is as an act of rebellion, but instead of fighting to destroy the system, he decided to conquer it sure, he has honor, he will not trade with the worst kind of smugglers, but while weapons and drugs are not human lives, they nevertheless kill them And not, do not hope he will be rescue by Alec s love into a new and better man, that is not where the story is aiming, on the contrary, in a
This is a pleasing gay romance, short in length but well worth a read.It is at the same time conventional and unconventional.Conventional in presenting the typical encounter and getting to know each other between characters with a dark past, in its touch of cinderella like story not forgetting that subgenre where the lovely English lass, usually an aristocrat, meets the dark haired, roguish pirate of the Seven Seas.Unconventional in avoiding the usual banter between the leads and choosing a flowery language bent on describing settings and emotions and aiming at beauty, a result it usually obtains without becoming sappy Here and there I was a bit confused by a use of the past tenses that did not sound completely right but writing is generally quite good.Diego is a crime lord in the Caribbeans Islands and deals in drugs and prostitution but has a code In his way he is honourable remember the roguish XVIII century pirate of straight romances We should despise him but the author gives him a tragic past and a humanity which endear him to us The POV belongs to him and this simple device allows us to feel for and with him Alec is a muscled beauty, presumably a middle class, educated man, frail and strong at the same time.Through Alec Diego is born again
This was a quick, easy, often preposterous read A Caribbean mobster is sailing with a couple of his guards and encounters an unconscious amnesiac nordic god floating in a life raft The mobster brings him aboard and begins nursing him to health, ultimately bringing the man back to his home where he finishes nursing him to health Obviously, the two men, perfectly shaped as they are, fall in lust and then love for each other while the mobster uses his connections to try and help our young Thor recover his history.Turns out the aryan is a man who was sold into slavery, gang raped and then made to walk the plank of his sinking slave ship during a botched escape attempt The mobster ends up choosing to keep the man s history to himself, to let him remain amnesiac, and so they live happily ever after.The sex aspects of the story were actually decently written in that they were fairly accura
Original review on Molly LollyFour and a half stars This book was really good There was an interesting dichotomy between this man that is not nice by any means with his drug smuggling, prostitution rings and money laundering, and his flowery story The language used is big and robust, with Diego constantly thinking about living in paradise and how beautiful the place is
It s not so much the story and its plot I rate 4 stars, since it wasn t exactly right up my alley, but I really loved the way it s written I press my knees against his side, gently pull his limp head to my chest The grave of my parents lies under hundred year old oaks tangled with Spanish moss Under the grass and the dirt, the silence of the bones is terrifying I m sorry, I whisper I ve been ruthless and cunning
This was a surprise The Foundling was like reading someone s diary and that doesn t always work but it worked here I want to gush because it was so smooth at pulling me into the story I couldn t wait to finish page to hurry up to get to the next It is