How More Beautiful You Are

How More Beautiful You Are With These Love Poems, Infused With Longing And Sensuality, How More Beautiful You Are Presents Some Of The Most Personal And Earthy Verses From Award Winning Author Samuel Peralta.In This Celebration, Peralta Navigates The Vagaries Of The Heart, Taking Us With Him On A Journey From Youthful Uncertainty To Tremulous Passion, From Unabashed Eroticism To Enduring Relationships.As With His Other Works Sonata Vampirica , Sonnets From The Labrador Peralta Shows His Skill In Merging Classical Structure With Re Invented Metaphor Sonnets And Space Time, Couplets And Chaos Theory.But Through It All, How More Beautiful You Are Begins And Ends With Love, Charged With An Intense Romanticism That Will Inspire Lovers, Readers, And Poets. Samuel writes love poems with such beauty They are not mere words but paintings hung with inspiration s fastenings The sensuality in them has the subtle power to pull the reader in to its verbal embrace His poems state romance as it should be, tender, moving, uplifting. Somewhere along the way, I stopped reading poetry Now I can t remember why.I wish I had words nearly as beautiful to describe this volume as the words within it, but I don t It is a collection of distillations memories, moment
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here So short and yet I could not force myself to finish it I was not expecting sex poetry Am disappointed but glad it did not costthan a dollar.