Enduring Light (The Afterglow Trilogy, #3)

Enduring Light (The Afterglow Trilogy, #3) Fighting Darkness Takes Light.Desperate To Save James, Charlotte Scours Energo For Answers With Calvin And Liam At Her Side Kevin And Samantha Head To Alaska To Find The One Item That Might Destroy Blake, But The Search Is Only The Beginning.As Time Runs Out, Charlotte And Kevin Discover That Keeping Energo From Eternal Darkness Will Take A Sacrifice No One Expects. This was an extremely well written book that I enjoyed from beginning to end and could not put down.It moved along at a very good pace, had interesting characters and a storyline that kept you entertained.Alyssa Rose Ivy is
Now that was an ending Alyssa Rose Ivy s Enduring Light begins with the end Yeah, in a sense, that s true We get a short prologue of a major event at the end and I immediately started brewing with ideas and speculations And naturally, I went back and forth throughout reading this one, but I can say that I was right in the end, with my first initial guess And it s a bittersweet feeling.Enduring Light opens up a few weeks later after the events of Perilous Light And a lot has changed Charlotte has her mother back, after thinking her dead for years James is still comatose after risking his life to protect Charlotte And naturally, there s still an inner debate taking over Charlotte over when it comes to her love for Calvin and her growing love for Liam Yes, unfortunately, it s a dreaded love triangle I have to admit, I initially thought we d hit a love square, as I thought James would play a prominent role in the scheme of things considering she meets him first But alas, he was just a friend Which didn t bother me so much He always made me laugh and I enjoyed his moments in the books, but sadly, he was AWOL for the duration of this one.Charlotte and Kevin must once again separate from each other as they work on separate parts to help save the kingdom, country or what
3.5 starsI haven t read the previous two books even though this is not a stand alone I didn t have any problem but I am sure I missed something about the world the book is set Also I can t compare it to the other books I was wrong when I thought I couldn t pick sides in the triangle I liked Liam and I thought Calvin was cold and distant As usual I did not liked the female character, Charlotte, but Samantha was good What I liked was the way the triangle problem was solved It was a little cruel though and probably some fans will get mad and disappointed I found it kinda romantic I am sure if I would sug
What kind of crap ending was THAT I mean, okay Here s what I think Pardon the spoilers So, if Calvin is going to sacrifice himself, I think it should have been played up a bit I mean, he just committed suicide so Charlotte wouldn t have to Let s give the guy some credit, mmmk Let s not just jump into Liam s arms all willy nilly Oh sure, you SAY that your love will always hold a place in your heart, but I m not convinced And I m not convinced your relationship with Liam is all that great, either, Charlotte There s a whole lot of TELLING and not a lot of SHOWING Also, if Calvin was going to die, I don t think Ivy should have had them sleep together I don t know That just bugged me that everybody just had to have sex, like the book wouldn t be complete without it But that s just me I thought it felt super awkward and kinda just smashed in there I don t know, maybe it was the Um, so, we re going to go have sex in the room next door, guys If you don t want to listen, go outside Super
Enduring Light is now available. It had been a long time, I did not read a book and lived his story in itself It may sound crazy, but I actually went through all the emotions and the characters I had fun with taunts Kevin, James and Liam, I cried too at times most striking so to speak lol , I felt mortal hatred and anger by Blake, distress in every round faced.This story takes place in current times in our world and in Energo, which is in another dimension and habits medieval and magical as well.Enough but the problems that a teenager faces, Charlotte discovers much than she thinks when she comes into Energo.She was always shy and quiet, even with answers always on the tip of the tongue But after so many twists and turns, she became safe, confident, and loving than ever.In this last part, she sees all your fears and revelations ARE MANY To overcome and win their battle for his life and everyone in Energo.Lived her love entirely with Calvin, a love pure and true Even that was still very confused about Liam.Calvin in his own w
It is here, it is finally here I have been waiting for Enduring Light since Perilous Light came out last March The Afterglow trilogy holds a special place in my heart because this series is the one that introduced me to Alyssa Rose Ivy, and my minor ok maybe major obsession with everything she writes Beckoning Light, the very first book in the Afterglow Trilogy, also was my second review request ever received shortly after I started Unabridged Bookshelf almost two years ago I still cannot believe it has been almost two years since I started this trilogy or that with Enduring Light it is actually over After the end of Perilous Light, I was pining away for Enduring Light and even though it was a long wait, it was worth every second in the end Enduring Light is a remarkable end to a series that will always be one of my favorites With surprises that I never saw coming and the impending battle with Blake, Enduring Light kept me on the tips of my toes I believe with the stakes higher than ever before to save Energo, Enduring Light is the most emotional book of the series, and a very fitting end to the Afterglow Trilogy Obviously the tensions between Charlotte, Calvin and Liam are at their highest with Charlotte stuck in the middle between the boy she has been in love with for most of her life, and the boy from Energo she has been destined to love since walking through those garden gates While love triangles are something that is ov
T G Book Boutique Reviews You can have all the time you want I ve been in love with you for longer than I can remember, and I ll be in love with you until the day we die I can give you space, I can give you time, I can give you everything I went through many emotional stages while reading this book I shall list them in no particular order shock, fear, hate, denial, love, hurt, trauma, hysteria, and many, many tears Yes tears, you know those wet droplets that come out of your eyes when extremely happy or sad I will not reveal the reason for my tears, but I will say this I do not shed said tears for anything Oh no sir, tears are reserved only for the most critical of events It was one of those ugly cries too You know, the ones where you have trouble catching your breath and are border line hyperventilating Yeah, I was really lucky I finished it at night when my family was asleep No witnesses to my near hysterical tears sigh of relief I will leave you with that bit of information It was yet another wonderful series by Ms Alyssa Rose Ivy, who has yet again managed to out due herself I seriously hated to have to see this series come to an end Of course we all know all good things must come to an end, although good is a definite understatement I will miss Charlotte, Calvin, Liam, Kevin, James, and the rest of the gang The series continued where it last left off Energo is in the clutches of the evil Blake Charlotte is still figuri
I ll try to keep this as spoiler free for the series as possible It has been over a year since I read the first two books so it was a little slow in the beginning for me until I fell in love with Energo and the characters all over again Energo is another realm in which Charlotte, her brother Kevin, and their best friend Liam traveled into In this world Charlotte has great power and is the essence Liam and Kevin are on her guard and her Gerard is Calvin Blake is the big bad For a fantasy the world is unique enough while still being easy for me to understand.Charlotte needs to defeat Blake so they split up into teams to retrieve things to help them The story follows four different POVs, Charlotte, Liam, Kevin, and Samantha but they all have unique voices and it was easy to fall into each POV Also since the teams were separated it allowed me to follow both journeys and kept things interesting.Charlotte has been in love with Liam since she was little but as an Essence it is her destiny to be with her Gerard Calvin This was a difficult love triangle because I actually liked both guys although as a fan of best friend romances I was rooting for Liam Seeing Liam s POV and how much he loves Charlotte had me really wondering how this love triangle would resolve It was actually quite a surprising way for things to end I was
Enduring Light is the last installment for The Afterglow Trilogy featuring the end of the dark era, and the beginning of the main characters happily ever after This book will follow the timeline from book 2, Perilous Light, and introduce a different concept, therefore a different type of ending For those who like double POV will be surprise with an addition to the storytelling You can check it out through my snapshots But either way, what may trouble you is the introduction of a new character, who basically will be forgotten up until the last page I honestly believe that the author forgot all about their lives Or not, since the focus shift between main characters, and the supporters On another note I understand the need to create a love triangle even on a Young Adult book, but damn, this one was a fast type, and ended up with the likable character a.k.a Liam Yay, if you were cheering for that guy I m trying to come up with a witty way to continue writing this review, but I m failing big time, and as I know well, once this is published I WILL remember something witty and informative, but then I won t have the will to do so Ergo here s wha