Twisted Mirrors (Vol. 2)

Twisted Mirrors (Vol. 2) Nareth And Ralla Are Taking A Trip Together, But Nareth S Being Very Secretive About Where They Re Going And Why In The Meantime, Tren Learns About The Boetheri And Their Culture FromTai And Jaith But Something Is Hunting The Little Group As They Go Deeper And Deeper Into The Wilderness, And There Might Not Be An Escape For All. A stronger book that the first one the art has definitely solidified and the inks only look really lends itself to the mystical elements of this second book.While the first volume was setting up the main conflict, this one brings in a conflict far older that between humans and Boetheri Tren has to face the history of what his people have done and are still doing, which is a wildly eye opening experience for h
An excellent second volume, with some great character development and memorable moments.