E.V.P. Electronic Voice Phenomenon

E.V.P. Electronic Voice Phenomenon Tim Sharp, A Sound Editor For A Mid West College, Had Always Lived His Life As A Paradox Half Of His Life Was Spent In Tireless Pursuit Of The Next Scientific Or Technological Advancement The Other Half Was Usually Filled By Role Playing And Video Games, Or Fantasy Novels He Held Only A Passing Interest In The Paranormal, But He Was At Least Intrigued By The Possibility When He Met Carley Newquist, His Two Worlds Collided With A Mind And Heart Numbing Crash Both Tim And Carley Would Remember The Day That Old Professor Freeman Came Into The Sound Editing Lab With A Mysterious Recording And A Strange Request As The Day That Changed Everything.Old Professor Freeman Tells Tim And Carley Of A Strange Incident In A Recent Class, Involving Half Of His Students Turning In An Assignment Late And They All Offer Their Recordings As Proof Of What The Professor Requested After Interviewing Most Of The Students In Class That Day, Tim And Carley S Investigations Are Halted By A Secretive Student Who Refuses To Talk.Is This Student The Author Of An Elaborate College Hoax Or Does He Know About The Mysterious Voice Than He Is Admitting After Finally Getting The Kid To Talk, Tim And Carley Learn The Reason For His Silence And Evasiveness He Had Recognized The Voice In Class As The Same One From One Of His Ghost Hunting Trips.Armed With This New Clue, Tim And Carley Begin An Investigation Both With The Group And, Treacherously, Individually The Results Are A Perplexing, Terrifying And Enlightening Roller Coaster Ride Through Both This World And The World Just On The Other Side Of Perception Leading To A Shocking And Edifying Conclusion. I need to start out by saying.1.I grew up in an old farm house in Pleasant Valley New York.And oh yeaI forgot to mention there were 3 ghosts in it.2.I worked at the New York State Psych Hospital in Poughkeepsie NYnamed Hudson River Psych Center i worked the midnight to eight AM shift.And oh yea.I forgot to mention it is extremely haunted.3.I started and Admin the Ghost Girlz group in Facebook with over 2150 active members.4.I maintain the Ghost Girlz Pintrest site with over 2000 active members with about 150 pins added to the community board and about 150 repins by the followers.5.I m involved in TV Radio Production and Entertainment.With all that being said I very much enjoy anything paranormal.TV,Radio shows and Books..I downloaded E.V.P Electronic Voice Phenomenon and from page 1 all the way through to The End there was only two times that I put my iPad down to stop reading.The first time was when my girlfriend took it way so we could go to bed and the second time was when the iPad s battery died and I had to recharge it.When you read a book and suddenly you find yourself right there with the characters you know the author has A.Done his or her background research and knows what he or she is writing about..andB.The author has done his job.because
EvpThis story is so similar to others its almost plagerism except for the last chapter I loved the last chapter The scriptures really brought the book to life Praise God and his son Jesus and the Holy Spirit.