Childless by Marriage

Childless by Marriage First You Marry A Man Who Does Not Want Children He Cheats And You Divorce Him Then You Marry The Love Of Your Life And Find Out He Does Not Want To Have Children With You Either Although You Always Wanted To Be A Mother, You Decide He Is Worth The Sacrifice, Expecting To Have A Long, Happy Life Together But That S Not What Happens This Is The Story Of A How A Woman Becomes Childless By Marriage And How It Affects Every Aspect Of Her Life. This is a topic about being childless or childfree that rarely gets talked about what if you want children, but your partner doesn t What are the ramifications of choosing to stay with that partner in the long term versus leaving him in order to pursue being a parent The author has lived this life and here tells her personal story from two marriages, neither of which resulted in children the first husband was irresponsible and always delayed talk of parenthood the second had children with a previous marriage and wanted no I identified with a lot of the aspects of the author s life and her relationships, down to her sometimes questioning whether she really truly wanted children or if she was happy to not have that burden which would have limited her abilities to pursue her writing, music and travel There are times she grieves the children that could have been, other times she revels in her life without kids I think being honest about these conflicting feelings is important, and it also comes across in the stories of other women she interviewed for the book who were childless for many different reasons or had chosen a childfree life.My main criticism is that the book felt a bit disorganized it jumps a bit between the author s personal story to chapters on different aspects of being childless, from being a pet parent to making plans for your personal belongings after death if
First of all, I would like to thank Goodreads First Reads giveaway for this book that I have won through them I am glad that I receive this book as it gave me a new outlook on why women choose not to have children.Sue Fagalde Lick gathered information from several women that shared why they chose to be childless Ms Lick was childless by marriage also Her first husband didn t want children and threatened with divorce several times if she was to get pregnant Divorcing him after finding that he was with another woman, she married an older man who had three children by a previous marriage and had had a vasectomy So she would still be childless There were many times she wished that she would have had a child This book shows how being childless affects every aspect of a woman s life I found the book to be enlightening as I do know several women who have chosen to be childless and then again I know a couple of women who wanted children but for medical reasons are unable to I got to see
I really appreciated the author sharing her honest feelings in this memoir about choosing a husband who didn t want kids and thereby being childless by marriage It made me feel better about my own choices There are a lot of books about being childless due to infertility and childfre

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