Writers Block

Writers Block Nothing To Write Been Too Long Now At This Rate, They Would Have Forgotten About Him Forgotten His Words Forgotten His Story No, They Couldn T They Couldn T Forget What He Did No One Will Forget His First Story The Story That Introduced Him To The World.No Matter How Much They Wanted To Forget What They Read No One Could Even So, He Needs To Ignore His Wife S Possible Affair And Get Past His Writer S Block Get His New Work Out There Keep Him Fresh In Their Memories.From The Best Selling Author Of The Happy Ever After Trilogy Comes The Latest Psychological Thriller From Matt Shaw. Wow I loved this story but it s a hard one to review because it s so strange and surprising that I d hate to give anything away I ll just say the characters and story are very well written and it has
Not that good. Rollercoaster RideI read the synopsis and was immediately intrigued I kept that synopsis in mind as I read and came up with a few ideas of how this suspenseful thriller night go but I had no idea Shaw surprised me at every turn and in the end, he c