Favor Blue - Echos Voice

Favor Blue - Echos Voice The Adventure Continues With Favor Blue Echo S Voice Episode II Pour A Glass Of Something Cool And Escape To The Isle For Scandalous Romance, Gossip, Jealousy, Deception Murder.Rick Believes His Superiors Will Understand When He Takes Action Without Authorization Wrong He Is Reassigned To The Isle Even Humiliating, He Is Made To Guard A Disagreeable Young Woman Named Echo Forrester Echo Knows Her So Called Parents Wielded Their Power And Influence To Bring Rick To The Isle Perhaps They Thought She Would Be So Impressed With His Intelligence And Good Looks That She Would Cease Being Rebellious And Swoon Helplessly Into His Big, Muscular Arms Wasn T That How The Story Would Unfold In Any Of LTK S Clich Ridden, Love Conquers All Scenarios This Episode Takes Place About A Year And A Half After Episode I From The Author This Episode Contains The Original Plot, Which Started Out As A Screenplay Called The Isle Written In The Mid 1990s At That Time The Plot Seemed Absurd Than Today, As The Line Between News And Entrainment Continues To Vanish I Would Not Be Very Surprised To Learn That A Current Day Favor Dennison Portrayed A Penelope Maxwell Type Character Yes, Technology Seems To Be Overtaking Me However, The View That Centralization In Business And Government Stifles Innovation Was Always An Important Element In This Wacky Vision Of The Future As Rick Observes At One Point, For Most Applications We Re Still Using Twenty First Century Technology. I must say I wasn t expecting much from this book I thought it was going to be an episode in a big story with not much in the storyline being moved forward Boy was I wrong Not only did the story move, but it twisted around in ways I never thought about I am quite happy with th
I have to say that I really enjoyed the books so far The story of Echo, Favor and Rick is certainly captivating and I am looking forward to complete the rest of the books.