First Contact (Rebirth #1)

First Contact (Rebirth #1) Captain Lisa Shaw And The Crew Of The Explorer Are Taking Humanity S First Steps Outside Of The Solar System They Arrive At Their Destination Only To Encounter An Alien Ship Bent On Destroying Them And All Other Life In The Galaxy Now Lisa And The Survivors Of Her Crew Have To Find A Way To Escape From The Aliens And Warn Earth. Why i did not like this book Disclaimer I am not a native english speaker so my grammar and spelling is bad DFirst Contact from Eric Filler started like a promising space opera but soon ends in the biggest buildup of Deus ex machinai have seen in my entire live It s really hard to explain that, but things just happen in this book, there is no real buildup and no explanation why something happens The biggest laugh i had was when characters often forsaw these Deus ex machina For example Really mild spoiler ahead view spoiler They try to find a few experimental weapons on this planet, and there are different groups searching for them, after one group found them the leader of a other group who only knows about his own group searching says maybe now we can find the weapons, or maybe they find us.Of course the group who found the weapons found the other group after that..This REALLY ann
This is some good old fashioned space opera, even if it s not particularly well written But at 99 cents, how much can you really complain about it Well if you re some people, a lot I mean some people complain about a book they got for FREE, the old looking the gift horse in the mouth.Anyway, the story begins with two starships arriving at an uninhabited planet And since this is not hard science fiction there s no explanation of the faster than light travel method they use or anything like that Captain Lisa Shaw is in command of the expedition, though she feels slighted to be sent out into the middle of nowhere for years on what should be a milk run.Except things get interesting than she ever imagined Not long after the humans arrive and begin surveying the planet, an alien ship appears in the system Lisa and her crew go through all the standard first contact stuff of trying to send greetings and whatnot, but it soon becomes apparent these aliens are not interested in exchanging messages by musical scales or cave drawings or anything like that.No, the aliens open fire and within minutes Lisa s ship is destroyed She s prepared to go down with the ship, but is saved by Ensign Jack Laurants, who assures her she s needed down on the surface A few others of the bridge crew survive as well, but most of the ship s crew is dead,