The Stolen White Elephant

The Stolen White ElephantThis Scarce Antiquarian Book Is A Facsimile Reprint Of The Original Due To Its Age, It May Contain Imperfections Such As Marks, Notations, Marginalia And Flawed Pages Because We Believe This Work Is Culturally Important, We Have Made It Available As Part Of Our Commitment For Protecting, Preserving, And Promoting The World S Literature In Affordable, High Quality, Modern Editions That Are True To The Original Work. I love Twain The man s mind is an utter marvel so unique and subversive it s almost difficult to believe such genius could be held within a single mind And yet, here we are.This addition to the Little Black Classics range is comprised of four of Twain s short stories The titular title, The Stolen White Elephant, was by far my favourite It tells the story of a government worker who has been tasked with delivering a peacemaking gift to the queen, in the form of a live elephant from Asia As is to be expected with Twain, madness ensues and the elephant goes missing The situation flies into disarray as the police are dispatched all over the country to track down the gargantuan beast, and wild sums of money are offered for its capture Twain s wit and sarcasm here are beautifully pointed, and utterly hilarious Such bumbling Such confused and yet understandable rationalisations Such deception I loved it.We are then treated to two polar opposite tales, one of The Bad Little Boy Who Didn t Come to Grief and one of The Good Little Boy Who Did Not Prosper One inherently bad boy who consistently escapes retribution for his misdeeds, and one deeply good boy who gets himself into such trouble simply for being good Twain makes fun of stories whe
If those Grimm brothers were around today they should be pointed out two stories and told this is how you do it The Story of the Bad Little Boy Who Didn t Come to Grief and The Story of the Good Little Boy Who Did Not Prosper.Delightfully subersive tales that gets al
A funny collection of witty, silly stories My favorite was the one by the same title, The Stolen White Elephant The least favorite would have to be The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County. A little known short story by Mark Twain, The Stolen White Elephant, deserves much notoriety than it has received It is truly a satirical jewel propped full with Clements wit, humor and genius It is a detective spoof that far outdistances the fabled tales of the great Sherlock Holmes and may well have been the inspiration for Colombo Mark Twain demonstrates his canny ability to make the unbelievable, logical and the
Un libro brevissimo che si legge in neanche un oretta ma bello per la storia e per gli spunti di riflessione sull inettitudine delle forze dell ordine e sulla criminalit e corruzzione.bellissima l edizione della NUOVA EDITRICE BERTILO CONSIGLIO Read January 23, 2010, re read August 4, 2015 Absolutely hilarious. The following curious history was related to me by a chance railway acquaintance. lo he le do a ciegas, como me gusta hacer si el escritor es bueno y lo he le do antes La historia es, a mi modo de verla, una iron a en estado puro y un detective muy espabilado Se lee en un ratito y merece la pena Lo recomiendo. Thinking this was a picture book because of the illustrations and short length, I read it aloud It wasn t the most uplifting of booksan noble white elephant given as a gift from one country to show peace with another is stolenand the search by a gifted detective who only wants prestige, power, and money but who is none the less honored and praised for his work ends up finding the DEAD elephant among his own workers as they sleep HmmI think the detective staged the snatching him
I just struggle with Mark Twain s works He actually drives me crazy This is a funny farce and I am not sorry that I read it, but I am quite relieved that it was a short story The illustrations done by Robert Ingpen in the first edi