Cairo Paris Melbourne

Cairo Paris Melbourne Cairo Paris Melbourne Is Three Novels In One, Translated From The Arabic It Assumes Poignancy With Today S Arab Spring Young Zoheir, Tormented By Ghosts, Escapes Cairo S Poverty In The City Of The Dead He Travels To Paris, Falls For The Obsessive Caroline, Is Betrayed And Finally Propelled To Melbourne Above A Caf , He Finds A Reason For Living A Novel Of The Getting Of Responsibility.The Author S Many Arabic Novels Have Been Sold Throughout The Middle East. There are interesting aspects to this book It s a rare example of a translation of a book written in Arabic by an author living in Australia I think but am not sure that it is an example of an Arabic maqamat in which a wandering vagabond makes his living on the gifts his listeners give him following his extemporaneous displays of rhetoric, erudition, or verse, often done with a trickster s touch It s writtten in three parts Cairo, Paris, Melbourne offering an insight into the mind of a middle eastern man But overall, I found this a bothersome book It seems unlikely that Egypt has remained frozen in time and would still be as it is depicted in this novel, in an era when women in the West had to fight for their rights too Young women recently seen demonstrating on the streets of Cairo didn t look as if they would put up with the kind of sexism represented in this novel But by choosing to set Part 1 in Egypt in its not too distant past and offering nothing in the way
Whilst I ve said liked it , I ve said it with slightly bated breath because there s nothing very much about the I in the story that I liked And then one is in the classic conundrum of whether the qualities of the I are also qualities of the writer.Admirably, he finds a way of living in worlds that are not his own, but brings with him problematic attitudes particularly towards women that come from a patriachal islamic society In some ways I m grateful to the writer for the honesty of such