Dark Bayou

Dark Bayou The Spanish Moss Swayed Eerily In The Breeze That Brought With It Fat Rain Drops That Plopped Onto The Water, Rippling The Reflection Of The Darkening Sky That Was When We Saw The Cabin, Far Off In A Corner On The West Bank It Was As I Had Seen It In My Dreams Rustic Long Forgotten By The World, Save For Whatever Occupied Its Malevolent Little Frame And Whatever It Was, Was Nothing Than A Black Silhouette In A Creaking Rocking Chair On The Tiny Porch As I Stared At The Phantom Rocker, It Suddenly Stopped In Mid Rock, Picked Up Its Head And Turned To Me, Grinning, And Started Rocking Away, Never Taking Its Yellow Eyes Off Of Me And There, In The Humid Twilight Of The Swamp, A Bitter Chill Washed Over Me, And My Spine Felt Like Ice.When Leigh Benoit Returns Home To Louisiana For The Funeral Of Her Brother And His Wife, She Becomes Increasingly Concerned About The Welfare Of Her Orphaned Niece, Lyla She Is Prompted By Her Grandmother, Clothilde, To Move Back To Take Care Of Her Leigh Has No Desire To Take On Any Responsibility, And Being Home Again Brings Back Painful Memories At The Funeral, Leigh S Childhood Friend, Detective Lucas Castille, Tells Her The Mysterious Details Of The Accident That Killed Her Brother And His Wife Lucas Young Son Has Dreams Of A Dark Man Who Wishes To Harm Lyla Leigh Begins To Have Similar Dreams She Struggles With Her Rational Mind But Vows To Protect Her Niece Soon, She Finds Out There Is To The Story And To Her Grandmother Than She Thought. As I kid my father often took me to a book store in Berkeley, CA that I loved called Dark Carnival unfortunately, it is only a shadow of what it once was, but it does still exist When the sequel to this book, Dark Carnival, came up promotionally on in Kindle format I had to get it simply for the name association, even though I know the book has nothing to do with the book store I loved as a kid And I couldn t just read the 2nd book in a series, so I also got this one I knew they were not likely to be very good but the name coincidence impelled me.Books like this are the reason I don t own a Kindle and am not enthused about paying money for books in Kindle format I can never get rid of It s not the worst book I ve ever read thus two stars , but it s also worse than some two star books on my list, so I d probably settle on 1.5 stars The story is actually quite solid, even if the ancient backstory behind it needs a lot of help I m hoping it s an actual legend that the author decided to borrow without realizing it needed some serious dressing up, because if it was made up for this book it means the story actually isn t as solid as it would otherwise be In any case, at least it makes sense, and the author demonstrates a basic grasp of what spooks people in telling the story.But the writing is execrable,
A supernatural trilogy set in Cajun Country I ll take the lot, thank you very much And no, no need to wrap I ll read it right oh, sorry, I already started I would ve said that if I bought this in print but I bought it from the Kindle store so I read it right away anyway Lol I might be a bit biased here since I love stories set in Southern America specifically Mississippi and especially Louisiana history goes way back so let s not dwell on it Let s just agree I might be a bit biased Lol.I was looking for something to get my reading streak back This one is short and it s not the most complicated story so I thought it would be perfect In general, the author goes straight to the point The genre said paranormal ghosts fantasy so she didn t beat around the bush I liked this a lot because of the setting I already made that clear It tal
I m a born and raised Californian and I can t think of a single movie or book that I ve ever read or seen that doesn t make the Louisiana Bayou a really creepy place This books is no exception There are some seriously creepy and scary scenes in this book Duplechain sets up a moss covered world filled with dark creatures that are constantly comi
In this book, Leigh hears from her estranged Maw Maw that her brother and sister and law have passed away and she goes home to Abbeville, LA from Los Angeles for their funeral She s supposed to take care of her niece, Lyla, but is reluctant to do so until she feels that Lyla s life is in danger Even after that she doesn t really seem too keen on the job, really.Okay, so really the reason this book got 4 stars is that it just felt so freakin authentic I couldn t help but rate it highly The location was well described, the character growth was believable and generally speaking I didn t have any major problems I thought Leigh was really selfish, especially in the beginning, and I didn t quite understand WHY a lot of things happened the way they happened Specifically, the thing that confused me the most was the relationship between Leigh and Lyla At first Leigh kind of comes off like she doesn t know much about her niece, which is fine, but later in the book she keeps saying that she hopes they re close again and that ki
I just finished reading Dark Bayou and it was amazing posted a review for youDark Bayou by Nancy K DuplechainLeigh left her bayou home and went to California She had lost enough and was tired She loved the beaches the ocean and it would take something incredible to get her to go back When the call came she wasn t ready She didn t want to go back but there was no choice She had a feeling of foreboding like something was going to happen If she had known would she have gone back even for the funeral This amazing story had me caught within the first few pages Nancy K Duplechain is an amazing writer The story held me in its grasp and I found myself not wanting to put it down I had to know what happened next.The magic, the faith, of each of the characters is distinct I found myself loving each of them as they were shown for who they were The incredible evil displayed in this is inc
An intriguing premise and setting, but lacking the kind of depth and nuance I like in my stories Stilted, plain prose that could have benefited from risk taking and less hand holding, walking readers through every insignificant ac
What a fantastic read Bought the freebie and was hooked from the start I felt like I was in Louisiana sights, smells, and textures, and seeing the shadows between the cypress and tupelo trees Slowly s
What a dark, twisted, chilling story My mother never reads a book in one sitting, but was unable to put this book down and immediately sent it to me And I have to say it was the same for me Whenever there is voodoo involved I m scared This book did Southern Lo
Let me tell you a story set in the Bayou of Louisianano, that was already done with Dark Bayou Twists and turns through paranormal alleyways take you to places that usually only haunt your dreams I loved how I was pulled in and taken for this dark ride. I enjoyed this supernatural paranormal fantasy Original different plot with nice likeable and well developed characters.Interesting Louisiana setting and Cajun culture, added to the story, and created great atmosphere.Book one of the trilogy I definitely want to read the other two books.