The National Portrait Gallery History of the Kings and Queens of England

The National Portrait Gallery History of the Kings and Queens of EnglandThe Story Of The Kings And Queens Of England Is An Enthralling And Sometimes Tragic One, Encapsuling Every Twist And Turn Of The Colorful History Of The British Realm.The Author Draws On His Deep Knowledge Of History To Paint A Vivid And Sensitive Portrait Of Each Monarch, Offering New Perspectives On The Controversies That Surround Them His Text Is Enlivened And Complemented By A Rich Selection Of Images, Largely Chosen From The Holdings Of The National Portrait Gallery Of London, The Definitive Collection Of Pictures On The British Monarchy. Mine is the Hardbackwith Charlie Two in Parliamentary robes on the cover This is my primary reference source and is never far from my desk.07.12.2013 How hilarious This book is open all the time given the sort of reading habits that are followed here and honest to goodness, I have just noticed th
A really great overview of the Kings and Queens of Enland It was well written and easy to understand It didn t go into detail much, but it makes it easier to quickly look up tidbits when ever you want. I have had this book for years I love European history, and have read this book numerous times It has also been a great reference for whenever I m reading other books that refer to English Monarchs Great detail and pictures. Lovely and informative learning about the history of the British monarchy is one of my passions and I hope it will act as a useful reference guide during my future studies I enjoyed this book enormously it has wonderful pictures and I am always glad to fill in some of the gaps in my knowledge But its easy assumption of Henry VIII s syphilis, which has NOT been proven conclusively, as if it were the only explanation for his sickness and those of his children, which it is NOT, bothered me
This book was good The descriptions of each King and Queen weren t too long nor were they dry Almost all of the information I already knew, however there were something I didn t What I really enjoyed about this book was the family trees for each ruling house It made it a lot easier to see which monarch came from which person I also enjoyed the portraits My only complaint is that it wasn t written in 2015, which means there isn t any information after 1998 All in all this boo
It s a textbook masquerading as a coffee table book The portraits are lovely, if a little sparse in comparison to the page count, and some of the reproductions are too small to be truly effectiveand they deserve to be large reproductions A useful book, but nothing than a pretty overview. Not a real page turner or anything, but good as a reference when I m reading historical stuff fiction and non Those wacky English keep naming their royalty the same thing too many Edwards, Henrys, and Williams to keep them straight Plus, the portraits are fascinating. I very much enjoyed the portraits of course The geneology charts were clear and helpful I would advise anyone interested in following up on their family lines to check out this book.

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  • The National Portrait Gallery History of the Kings and Queens of England
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