The Little Duck and The Great Big Pond

The Little Duck and The Great Big Pond The Little Girl Ducky Is Scared Of Water, Even The Tiniest Drop Of Water She Stays By The Shore At The Great Big Pond While Her Brothers Splash About Merrily This Heart Warming Tale Follows Her Journey As She Tries To Overcome Her Fears And Learns To Swim The Story Ends With A Great Lesson About Perseverance All Parents Will Love Beautiful, Vibrant, Color Illustrations That Will Captivate Your Young Child Rhyming Lines Help Engage Your Child And Sustain Interest Your Child Will Be Enchanted With This Endearing Tale And Ask Them To Read This Story Over And Over With You.Your Younger Children Will Enjoy The Illustrations And Sing Song Tone Of The Story Whilst Your Older Children Will Particularly Like The Rhyming Story Format. This was the first e book I bought for my 6yo twins and they loved it It s a fun story about a duck who overcomes her fear of the water, and is perfect for kids about to learn, or are struggling to learn, how to swim. Fun easy readmy kids liked this fun easy read And it talks through trying something even if you re afraid Unlock the rotation on your kindle to get the words and the pictures on the same page. I liked this book a lot, but like a lot of Lily books, it seems to be hit or miss with its readers My oldest was very bored of this story, but my youngest quite enjoyed it It s a simplistic story about overcoming one s fear, and delivers quite effectively I wish it
This is a cleverly written book about a duckling who is afraid of the water It goes deeper than just diving in Little Duck needs to be brave, even though she is afraid and always keep trying Dive in A lovely story for little kids My 5 year old enjoyed it Nicely illustrated too.