Billy Budd & Other Stories

Billy Budd & Other Stories Melville S Short Stories Are Masterpieces The Best Are To Be Appreciated On Than One Level And Those Presented Here Are Rich With Symbolism And Spiritual Depth Set In 1797, Billy Budd, Foretopman Exploits The Tension Of This Period During The War Between England And France To Create A Tale Of Satanic Treachery, Tragedy And Great Pathos That Explores Human Relationships And The Inherently Ambiguous Nature Of Man Made Justice.Tales Such As Bartleby, Benito Cereno, The Lightning Rod Man, The Tartarus Of Maids Or I And My Chimney, Show The Timeless Poetic Power Of Melville S Writing As He Consciously Uses The Disguise Of Allegory In Various Ways And To Various Ends.Bartleby The ScrivenerPoor Man S PuddingRich Man S CrumbsThe Paradise Of BachelorsThe Tartarus Of MaidsThe Lightning Rod ManBenito CerenoI And My ChimneyThe Apple Tree Table Of Original Spiritual ManifestationsThe PiazzaBilly Budd, Foretopman I only read Billy Budd and Benito Cereno for Mark s book club , and I was totally underwhelmed by both of them after having liked Moby Dick and Bartleby pretty well Neither story had anything approaching interesting cha
Ah Bartleby Ah humanity I just could NOT get into his stories or his story telling. the most tedious 88 pages of my life Took me nearly a week to read it Boring, tedious, i hated every minute of it.