The Voice of the Butterfly: A Novel

The Voice of the Butterfly: A NovelNow In Paperback, John Nichols S Fresh, Hilarious, And Touching Novel Brings His Vintage Wit To The Absurdities Of Modern Life When Suicide City S New Highway Bypass Threatens The Home Of An Exquisitely Obscure Butterfly, Aging 60s Radical And Continuing Proponent Of Losing Battles Charley McFarland Rallies An Off The Rails Band Of Misfits To Help Fight The Powers That Be A Dazzling Dark Comedy Of Ideals And Unlikely Heroes, His Latest Novel Will Delight Fans Of His Milagro Beanfield War And Of Nichols S Unique Style Raise The Toughest Questions You Can Think Of, But Keep The Readers Laughing Denver Post. The Voice of the Butterfly shows that Nichols has not lost his taste for satire nor his anger at the continuing destruction of the Earth While the New Mexico trilogy had flights of craziness, Butterfly finds Nichols in full on Tom Robbins mode, spewing forth sentences of breathtaking insanity and wordplay You have to have a love of over the top writing to fully appreciate this novel, but if you are thus equipped, you are in for one hell of a treat A bizarre
The Voice of the Butterfly was certainly a unique read, but definitely not my favorite actually I didn t like it at ALL Although the plot had potential to be really inspiring, the book was so over the top and
Personally, not my cup of tea I picked up this book while in Memphis as I need something to read on the plane trip back home I had about five hours, so I forced myself to read this book At first, I was considering a 2 star, but I continued to read cause I had nothing else to do for the next two hours The ending bits of the book raised the stars up to a three It truly caught my attention I was quite interested as I finished the last fifty pages, leav
I have often made the pilgrimage to the town that inspired The Milagro Beanfield War The town and the book are two of my favorites How could you not like a general store that sells statues of a hog ya hafta read the book But of all the John Nichols books, The Voice of the Butterfly is my favorite Perhaps I will someday be an aging 60 s radical trying to save a miniscule square of land containing a rare butterfly If so, I hope I run into as many eccentric characters as populates this novel It is not socially relevant, but it sure is funny as hell Nichols talent for combining divergent and often contradictory ideas in the same sentence makes for a wild ride Now on my third reading, this is the book I turn too when I need to confirm the absurdity of life And also how funny it all is Try a bit if this Our beloved transvestite stockbroker and owner of WPNX, Tristan Griffith, was wearing a Dolly wig, a double string of pearls, a silk flapper dress, and blue and white pumps while hosing down his enormous sheepdog, Beowulf, with a canister of Canine Flea Demise attached to the nozzle of an ordinary garden hose Welder s goggles protected Beowulf s eyes In the background, Tristan s elegant modern ranch swelling simmered confidently in the shadow of large yet carefully pruned peachleaf willows, aspens, and silvertip poplar trees, some of whose yellow O
I love the Milagro Beanfield War which is why I happened to pick up this recent John Nichols novel copyright 2001 when I saw it at the bookstore.I m not certain if you can truly appreciate Nichols unless you been through New Mexico It is a unique State with a character all its own that has inspired many artists over time I believe Nichols writing accurately captures all that is New Mexico, its history, its people, its beauty and passion, not to mention its craziness The Voice of the Butterfly is a pretty crazy ride It s a one man diatribe against the world, at least the modernized, capitalist world, that is The protagonist, Charley McFarland, is accurate described as an aging 60s radical and continuing proponent of losing battles The novel is written from his perspective in a very stream of consciousness, journal fashion, complete with many of his crazy, psychedelic visions.The book is graphic and vulgar at times but it serves to reflect Charley s character Charley is a crazy, desperate voice of reality his reality in a self centered, self diluted generation of granola environmentalists and capitalists.The book is driven by John Nichols classic theme of true environmentalism and socialism It s a reminder of when radical thinking was truly radical.A fun and crazy ride thought provoking like a slap in the
Hilarious, irreverent and pertinent social and political satire Big business and greed pitted against activism and idealism Charley Macfarland, ageing 60s radical with a history of advocating lost causes, and his Butterfly Coalition seek to topple Proposition X in a Suicide City local eletion Proposition X is all about a few rich greedy people getting wealthier by means of a new highway by pass which would destroy the mating ground of the Phistic Copper, a rare and perhaps endangered spe
I enjoyed reading this book, but if you aren t a big Nichols fan, a staunch environmentalist, or a leftist political junkie you probably won t get past the first chapter The book has it s charm and lots of humor, but the characters are all caricatures of people than fully rounded or even reasonably rounded characters They are generally either good hear
Blech I really did not like this book Unlikeable, unrealistic characters even all their names were absurd, but not in a funny or entertaining way , and his descriptions of women were always derogatory to be fair, the men were pretty awful too, but he described the female characters in particularly sexi
I was first introduced to John Nichols through what became his classic work, The Milagro Beanfield War In the Voice, Nichols again captures a distinctly local voice but here protagonizes the most profane characters imaginable I could not imagine myself venerating anyone
I loved the Milagro Beanfield War and in fact, the entire trilogy, but I felt The Voice of the Butterfly was lazy.The beauty of The Milagro Beanfield War was that the reader could relate to the characters what they faced and did as funny and unique as they were Don t get me wrong I stil

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