Coke with a Twist

Coke with a Twist Mercy Watt S P.I Father Ropes Her Into Another Investigation, This Time To Find The Truth Behind A Young Woman S Rape The Case Takes Her From A Dive Bar To Sorority Row To The Gutter, And Unless She Solves It Fast, The Case Will Be Her Last. This whole series belongs on the TV screen and I ll set my alarm to make sure I don t miss it It s the kind of short piece that can hold the fast action without wearing out the reader s attention, and uses the kind of c
This is your basic detective story run down with a pretty woman in the lead Mercy, a Marilyn look a like, goes undercover at shady bar to help her dad solve a missing person s case, which turns out to be pointless in her efforts, but does serve a purpose near the end of the story It s a very short read that packs in quite a bit of detail, stats, and imagery, leaving the reader feeling as if it has been a longer and equally satisfying read The story line was pretty good with just the right amo This is your basic detective story run down with a pretty woman in the lead Mercy, a Marilyn look a like, goes undercover a
This is a short story that packs a lot in so you feel as though it is a full length book The characters are well written and full of depth I can t wait to readof this author s work I really liked it I bought the book set because I needed something to read and it was cheap I didn t expect much but I liked this short story It s a good introduction to Mercy s world and it really sets up the books nicely. A much shorter short than I was expecting Almost like, what was the point But still better than the first novel I read Predictable but not a bad way to spend 20 minutes. A great mystery with great characters The main character, Mercy Watts, will win your heart from page one She has no problem filling in for her dad as a spy for one of his cases or for getting in trouble because of her task.The book is short, but packs a great story
A super fun introduction to Mercy Watts, my newest favourite reluctant detective This short story has a pretty simple mystery at its heart I figured it out well before the end , but its charm lays in the characters I didn t think I would like Mercy at first, but her
I found this book for free on , and liked the cover, so I thought I would give it a try It was pretty good Strong, smart female solving a crime as backup for her dad s PI company Good story line Quick ending I would have liked to hea
Mercy, a Marilyn Monroe look alike is again helping her father with another case Now she is trying to find out who drugged a college girl and set her up to be attacked at a party This is a cozy mystery with many surprises.including the ending. This early on short story features the ever lovable Mercy Watts accidently solving a sorority fratenity crime while introducing us to Skanky the cat, lecherous cousin Chuck and other of Hartoin s delightful characters A good quick read.