Amanda's Child (43 Light Street, #22)

Amanda's Child (43 Light Street, #22) PREGNANT AND ALONEWhen Amanda Barnwell Was Kidnapped From Her Wyoming Ranch, She Feared For Her Unborn Child But Her Captor, Sexy Matt Forester, Swore He Was Saving Her And Her Baby He D Discovered The Identity Of The Sperm Bank Donor Who Fathered Her Child A Man Whose Family Would Stop At Nothing To Claim The Baby And Eliminate Amanda From The Family Tree.With A Would Be Killer At Their Heels, Amanda Had No Choice But To Trust Matt But Her Abductor Was Male Than A Virgin Country Girl Like Amanda Could Ever Handle Was Matt Telling The Truth And With Her Baby S Life At Stake, Could Amanda Take The Chance April 25, 2001Any series that has run for ten years can expect to have a weak entry once in a while For the 43 Light Street series, that weak entry is Amanda s Child After such recent stunners as Nowhere Man, Midnight Caller, and Never Too Late, this is a big disappointment When Amanda Barnwell made the decision to get pregnant through artificial insemination, she didn t know it would put her in danger A powerful man who believes his dead son was the sperm donor would do anything to get his hands on her baby He doesn t count on Matthew Forester overhearing his plan Matthew has been attracted to Amanda from the first time he saw her Can he keep her and her baby safe Amanda s Child begins very well with a fast opening everything explained above happens in the first ten pages and taut suspense A couple chapters into it I was thinking, This is why I read Intrigues It was that good But starting with Chapter Four or Five, the story falls apart By the end, I was very unsatisfied A story that began with great promise fell into a muddled mess.The weakest part of the story was the heroine Amanda is constantly described as a strong person who took over her father s ranch after his illness With one exception early on, we never see this part of her Matthew completely takes over, telling her what she s going to do now, planning every part of their escape, n
I really enjoyed this book The suspense, and action was breathtaking IF I was a nail biter, I m sure I wouldn t have any finger nails left, after reading some of the parts of the story Matt, and Amanda were the perfect H and H I loved how well the two got along from the beginning This story captured me from the first page, and I couldn t put it down till I was finished So just a warning, don t start this book before bed, thinking you will only read a chapter or two If you do, you may end up pulling a all nighter.Roy Logan had hired Matt to install state of the art security system While Matt was at his ranch, he overheard a conversation between Roy, and his Forman Roy s son Collin had died Roy was certain that Amanda was carrying Collins baby He wanted to have Amanda kidnapped, and kept at the ranch until she had the baby No matter what, he wanted his grandson Matt knew he had to get to her, and protect her Amanda and Matt found out Roy had a lot of people on his pay roll Every time the two came out of hiding, the two were attacked This book was full of action, suspense, and romance Here is a sample of the book taken from chapter 12Starting to shake, she folded her arms across her chest and struggled with the sudden, sick feeling that she and matt would spend the rest of their lives like hunted animals When she made a moaning sound in her throat, Matt was at he
When Matt Forester hears plotting about Amanda Barnwell s child and how they were planning to kill her he kidnaps her from her ranch and goes on the run with her The bodies start to mount behind them as their pursuer becomes desperate It was entertain
Probably my favorite of York s my mom s romantic suspense novels without any supernatural elements, but I may be prejudiced since it s one of the few books of hers that I read all the way through before it was published. 2.5 starsQuite good until the completely impossible blood type nonsense GAH Really goodA good fast moving story,with lots of action and mystery and suspense..A sit on the edge of your seat and cheer for the good guys.

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