Cheating Death: Amazing Survival Stories from Alaska

Cheating Death: Amazing Survival Stories from AlaskaA Chilling Collection Of Survival Stories From Pilots, Hikers, Hunters, Climbers, Boaters, And Fishermen Who Confront Their Mortality And Live To Tell About It You Will Be Astonished By The Close Calls Of A Young Man Who Clings Desperately To Life On An Iceberg In The Lower Susitna River A Woman Who Struggles Frantically To Escape The Cockpit Of A Small Plane Sinking Beneath The Waters Of A Remote Bay In Southeast The Climbers Who Fight Stubbornly To Survive As Avalanche After Avalanche Sweeps Over Them And The Diver Who Tangles With A Giant Octopus. I liked the stories They were for the most part exciting and did well at painting a picture One thing that baffled me was how many stories didn t actually say when they took place I understand not having exact dates, but months and years would have been nice. This book has been lunchtime reading The short stories fit well within a work day lunch I enjoyed the stories and will read some of Kaniut s compilations.While reading these stories I fondly recall my own trips to Alaska And I m thankful that I never ende
No awards here, but a great little book filled with true Alaska based survival stories Some of the stories are better then other but all in all the book is chalk fool of true short stories of Alaska survival.

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  • Paperback
  • 174 pages
  • Cheating Death: Amazing Survival Stories from Alaska
  • Larry Kaniut
  • English
  • 15 December 2017
  • 9780945397618