The Little Blue House

The Little Blue HouseAm Ricas Award Commended TitleIn A Very Small Town In Rural Argentina There Is A Magical House No One Has Lived In The House For Almost As Long As Anyone Can Remember But Once A Year, At Midnight, The House Turns Blue And Twenty Four Hours Later It Turns Back To White Again.Twelve Year Old Cintia Lives With Her Father, Who Is A Very Angry Man Cintia Finds Refuge In The Little Blue House She Is Drawn There Repeatedly Even Though Her Father Has Told Her Not To Go, And The Town Mayor Forbids Anyone From Visiting The Place Without Paying.But There Is Than One Mystery In The Town A Voice On The Radio Has Suddenly Begun Telling Stories About Events That Happened Long Ago Involving A Native Family And An Old Spaniard The Townspeople, Including Cintia, Are Riveted By These Stories But No One Knows Who The Storyteller Might Be.This Is A Wonderful, Magical Book That Combines Mystery, Love Stories, History And Politics And Gives Us An Evocative Portrait Of Rural Latin America. Genre fictionFormat chapterGrade level middle schoolSandra Comino s The Little Blue House is a story about a twelve year old girl named Cintia who lives in a small village called Azul in Argentina In Azul there is a house which is white 364 days out of the day however, on November 28 the house turns blue This is an annual event and the corrupt mayor of the town exploits this event Cintia lives with a physically abusive father and a step mother who is also abused by him Her mother left the home when she was three years old Cintia s only comfort is spending time with her maternal grandmother, hanging out with her friend Bruno who she has a crush on near the little white blue house, and reading books All of these activities her father forbids her to do however, they are her only outlets from the abuse Cintia and Bruno eventually uncover the story behind the trans
Odd story from Argentina about political corruption, child beating, and a magical blue house. Ideal para estudiantes de primaria, por su lectura simple y r pida, pero esta lleno de clich s y los personajes son de cart n, no parecen demostrar ning n tipo de sentimiento No est hecho para adultos, pero puede ser ameno para ni os y adolescentes. I thought this book was only okay at best.

[PDF / Epub] ☄ The Little Blue House ✓ Sandra Comino –
  • Hardcover
  • 160 pages
  • The Little Blue House
  • Sandra Comino
  • English
  • 02 May 2018
  • 9780888995032