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Search and Social Leverage And Implement Search And Social Media Together In Real Time To Win The Hearts And Wallets Of Customers Search And Social Is A Detailed, Hands On Guide To Building A Successful Real Time Content Marketing Platform Real Time Content Marketing Is The Emerging Practice Of Using Both Search Marketing And Social Publishing Tactics To Help Your Audience Find You And You Them In Order To Attract And Engage Customers To Ultimately Increase Revenue It Requires Both Traditional SEO Publishing And Social Engagement Principles, And Most Importantly, It Requires The Marketer To Be Active And Present In A Synaptic Digital World That Keeps Going 24 7 This Book Shows You How To Develop, Implement, Monitor, And Optimize Strategies And Tactics For Developing A Strategic Plan That Encompasses Content, Platform, And Community Management, Emphasizing The Interdependent Elements Of Search And Social Together Including All Up To Date Tools And Technologies, This Practical Guide Explains How To Use The Right Tools For Everything From Creating Search And Social Content To Effectively Using Social Media Platforms.This Book Is A Must Read For SEOs, Social Media Marketers, Content Marketers, Internet Marketing Practitioners, Marketing Executives, And CMOs SEO And Social Media Can No Longer Operate In Silos, As Each Discipline Is Now Reliant On Its Counterpart To Achieve Its Greatest Potential The Bottom Line Is That Social Marketers Must Understand Search Marketing And SEO To Extend The Value Of Their Efforts, And Search Marketers Must Understand The Elements Of Social To Succeed In Becoming Visible Search And Social Cuts To The Chase And Shows You The Exact Areas Where Search And Social Overlap, And How This Synergy Creates The Imperative For Marketers To Shift To A Real Time And Participatory Approach With Their Publishing Efforts Real Time Marketing And Publishing Leverages Social And Search Strategies And Technologies, But Also Emphasizes The Element Of Being Present In Your Marketing Efforts, In A Digital World Where Your Customers Never Sleep.The Book Includes Details On The Combined Search And Social Elements Of Blogs, Video, Images, Forums, Keyword Research, Market Research, Press Releases, Social Copy Writing, Content Strategy, Social Media Platforms,, Among Many Others Some Of The New Topics That Will Be Discussed And Introduced Include The Share Graph, 2nd Tier Search Visibility, Recency As The New Relevancy, Social Relevancy, The Living Natural Language Of Search And Social Users, Establishing Authority And Trust With People And Search Engines, Connectedness, Acting Authentically In The Spirit Of The Target Audience, And Participatory Publishing Techniques The Book Also Provides The Follow Ways To Think And Execute On Search And Social Strategies In Real Time Outlines How Combined Search And Social Technologies Have Changed The Digital Publishing Landscape Forever Outlines A Process For Preparation To Act In The Moment With Your Digital Content Marketing Efforts Shows How To Optimize Social Profiles And Spaces For Extended Search Engine Visibility, And Extended Visibility In Networks Provides A New Framework For Understanding How Search Engines Are Becoming Social, And How Social Networks Are Becoming Algorithmic Illustrates How To Use The Social Graph To Build Your Link Graph For Search Engines, Using Likes, 1s, Retweets, And Offers An Up To Date Guide For Developing, Implementing, Monitoring, And Measuring Real Time Content Marketing Efforts Provides Insight Into Using Social Keyword Research Techniques To Better Communicate With And Find Your Audience In Networks Illustrates How Networks Use Traditional Search Concepts To Extend And Trigger Content, And How To Take Advantage Of These Systems In A Relevant Way Features Many Illustrative, Real World Case Studies Includes The Nitty Gritty Technical Details, Like How To Set Up RSS Feeds For Content, Integrating Twitter, And Illustrates How A Robust Real Time And Participatory Social Content Strategy Can Extend Visibility In Search Engines Interviews With Some Of The Leading Experts In Search, Social, And Real Time Content Marketing Written By A Leader In The Search And Social Marketing Industry Praise For Search And Social Rob Garner Is A Search Marketing Stalwart And Long Time Industry Commentator His New Book Provides Revealing Insights Into Real Time Marketing And How Practitioners Can Take Advantage Of Tools And Techniques To Maximize ROI These Days You Can T Say Search Without Saying Social So Read The Book That Explains It All And Glues The Two Together Mike Grehan, Publisher ClickZ, Search Engine Watch And Producer SES Conference Expo Rob Garner Has Been One Of My Favorite Authors For Online Marketing Topics For The Past Few Years I Consider His Views And Thought Leadership To Be Very Valuable And Relevant His Book Is No Different Than His Articles This Is A Must Read For Anyone Who Is Serious In This Space Joe Laratro, President, Tandem Interactive As An Author Myself, I Realize The Effort And Pain That Goes Into Writing A Book And The Approach Rob Has Taken Is Excellent This Book Covers All Of The Key Elements Of Search And Social With Explanations, Examples, Common Issues, Bulleted Lists And It Questions And Explains The Common Concerns Of Anyone Trying To Succeed In This Rapidly Changing Space My Best Comment Is That I Will Buy Copies For My Staff Bruce Clay, President, Bruce Clay Inc., Author Of Search Engine Optimization All In One For Dummies Hands down the best guide on content marketing Both wide and deep. There are a couple of very important concepts at the start of this book That social velocity ie the amount of attention a web page is getting in social media from Likes , 1s or tweets is an increasingly important determinant of visibility in search engines results pages And therefore as long as visibility in search engines is important to you true at present for basically all organizations then it s important to have a real time marketing content strategy which can maintain your social velocity.I am a marketer and was pretty familiar with real time marketing as an idea But I d thought of it as a bit of a fad as I had not stopped to consider the search benefits of social, real time marketing It s great to have this theoretical basis in place.Beyond these key insights it was a bit too textbook y for my tastes It s a very
A book filled with good advice for social media marketing.I like the Engaging Content Idea Types FAQs Curated Link Lists Tips Stories Basic and Advanced of a Topic Complete Lists Reviews How To Articles Interviews Recommendations Polls and Surveys Contests and Give Ways Live Video Case Studies Research and Statistical Data Scoops or Exclusive Announcements QAs from Peo
A riveting thriller JK But, this is a great resource for looking at the importance of content in your search and social marketing initiatives It gets a little redundant at the end, but overall I got a lot out of it. A must have blueprint for anyone who wants to be successful with online initiatives and attract new traffic leads to their business.

[Reading] ➶ Search and Social  ➽ Rob Garner –
  • Paperback
  • 380 pages
  • Search and Social
  • Rob Garner
  • English
  • 19 December 2018
  • 9781118264386