How To Market A Book

How To Market A Book You Ve Written A Book Now What Whether You Ve Recently Self Published, Have Just Gotten A Book Deal With A Big Publisher, Your Book Is Out, Or Anywhere In Between, You Probably Know One Thing You Need A Website, And You Need To Be Promoting Yourself On A Regular Basis On Social Media But How You Re Exhausted From Having Written The Book, And Frankly, You Don T Want To Learn About Websites, And Social Media, And Networking, And Getting Yourself Out There You Re Kind Of Just Wishing Someone Will Come Along And Either Do Everything For You, Or At Least Explain To You Step By Step, In Plain English, How To Do These Things And Why They Re Important That S Where We Come In We Are A Book Publisher And An Author Marketer, Respectively We Know That The Difference Between A Successful Author, And One Who Is Not, Especially In This Day And Age Is A Strong Online Presence, And We Re Going To Help You Develop One Here S Some Stuff We Cover Author Websites Importance Of Marketing Marketing Through Social Networking I.e Twitter Is Not Just For Teenagers Pitching To Traditional Press Finding Groups Of People Who Read What You Write Practical, straight forward and easy to implement advice for writers self and traditionally published looking for book marketing help. I purchased an e book copy of this book, but before I finished reading it, I had the opportunity to receive a free signed copy and took the opportunity This was a book I knew I wanted to add to my collection With that said, How to Market a Book is a straight forward, no nonsense guide to book marketing Whether it s your first book, or in my case fourth, this book has something for everyone Even if you have never attempted social media or marketing, this guide takes your hand, and walks you through the process in a plain talk, straight forward approach It s obvious the two authors know their subject matter To borrow a line from the book, the first line for Twitter reads as follows We know, we know The moment you saw the title, you rolled your eyes I can totally relate as I have seen it myself so often The authors then go on to give clear compelling reasons why people need to look past their preconceptions and step forward.The subject matter of the book is arranged in an easy to read progressive order I was highly impressed with the sections on doing your own keyword analysis, and SEO optimization of your website
Comprehensive how to book, written with flair.This was a very thorough, detailed guide for clueless authors like me, who realize that there is a great vast world out there just waiting to get its hands on our brilliant books, but that a great chasm stands between us and our readers The authors of this book present a vast amount of information and resources, laying everything out in a format that is organized, step by step, and personable Also helpful are suggestions on how to prioritize time with so many options, and reminders of basic nettiquette Internet manners What might seem a dry or intimidating subject is made lucid, and the material is underscored with humor.An index would have been useful to have in this book, particularly since many of the terms crop up in multiple chapters I was also surprised that no mention of Pinterest was made, the inference I made being that it must not be terribly useful to authors, despite its burgeoning popularity.For me personally, Chapter Four s instructions on building a web site and incorporating a blog were confusing I spent several hours reading the same information in the book, on the web site, and fiddling around with the host sites, wordpress, etc and growing very confused and frustrated Eventually, I solicited the help of someone who knows a little than I do about this, and he fared a little better, but not much in advan
If I could give this book 10 stars I would I have read a number of books on marketing for authors, and they have all been helpful, but this was the best The first piece gave me an overview of what I needed to do and why The second piece provided small step by step directions to setting up my social media accounts and the third piece explained what to actually do with it once I had it all set up I we
I would have appreciated some detailed tips I must admit that my background is in marketing, though For authors who need very basic tips on marketing this book is very useful However, for me the book provides a very useful list of internet platforms It gave me good inspiration for new ideas in terms of which websites to use.Overall I would recommend this book to authors for who are inexperienced in terms of marketing and
Lol Finish this thin book in than one month But it isn t because this book is boring, quite the reverse This book is lightly informative, communicative and useful for every writer who want to make their book become virtually popular. This book give you many information about many social media and website that will be great as to
This book provides an excellent overview of the myriad of questions that authors both self published and traditionally published might have regarding how to as you might guess from the title market their book Complete with step by step walk through proce
This is a must read if you wish to publish a book, or should I say if you wish to publish a book that sells It is not a book manager s job to set up your social media sites, interact with potential rea
Absolutely brilliant What makes this book so great is that it explains how the marketing experience used to operate, how that differs from where it s headed in the future, and arms the reader author with a ton of tools they can
Not a bad resource Better for those who are overwhelmed and mystified by Twitter and Facebook, but even though I ve been on both for years, and already had my own website, there were still some good tips on here.