Love and Mrs. Sargent

Love and Mrs. Sargent Mrs Richard Sargent Respected Widow, Envied Socialite, The Most Widely Read Advice Columnist In America, The Nicest And Most Conservative Woman Around Is Such A Success That Not Only Is She In Talks For Her Own Television Show, But She S Soon To Claim The Jewel Of Her Crown, The Coveted Mother Of The Year Award When A Muckraking Reporter From A Liberal Magazine Spends Several Days In Her Household, However, He Discovers That Mrs Sargent S Two Adult Children Would Prefer Any Mother Other Than Their Own And When The Reporter Moves Into Mrs Sargent S Bedroom, He Discovers She S Anything But Respectable.Love Mrs Sargent Is The Last Of Four Novels Patrick Dennis Wrote Under His Other Pseudonym Of Virginia Rowans. I wasn t surprised to discover, when I checked Eric Myers biography of Patrick Dennis, Uncle Mame, that the story of Love and Mrs Sargent had originally intended for the stage The book reads very much like a novelization of a stage play, with unusual for Dennis an extremely limited cast, distinct acts, and dialogue that reads like a script Love and Mrs Sargent, the last of the four books Dennis wrote under his female pseudonym of Virginia Rowans, works best if it s imagined in the context of the film director Douglas Sirk The novel has all the elements of a Sirk midcentury melodrama I suspect it s no coincidence that it was imagined and written a year after the release of Imitation of Life Like that film, it features a mother who gives her all in order to provide the best for her children, only to have them turn against her As in All that Heaven Allows, it features a torrid and maybe even inappropriate romance between a socialite and a much younger man Despite its comic secondary characters Mrs Flood manages to be bo
I m glad that Sheila Sargent isn t my mother