Donna Parker, Special Agent

Donna Parker, Special AgentThe Summer Is Over And It Is Time For Donna And Ricky To Go Back To Summerfield Junior HighDonna And Ricky Spend Less Time Together As They Have Different Responsibilities Ricky Pursues Her Dramatic Talents Whilst Donna Joins The School Newspaper, Quickly Becoming Elected As Assistant EditorSoon Things Take A Turn For The Mysterious Donna S Long Lost Uncle Appears In Summerfield, A Thinks He Is Being Spied On, Her Friends Begin To Ignore Her, And A Strange Character Is Employed At Summerfield Junior HighLittle Does Donna Realize That An Exciting Trip To New York City Will Reunite Her With Old Friends And Solve Each Of The Mysteries Re read 8 2008 Re read 5 2012.Re read 12 2013.Re read 12 2016 Found this book at my Mom s and brought it home to read About half way I began to remember the storyline with the election and newspapers, etc I enjoyed this book Good memories from childhood reading. Oh, my beloved Donna I bought this series of books at Morrie s 5 10 when I was a young girl I wish I still had my originals I ve been borrowing them one by one from the library s interlibrary loan system.In this one Donna is a senior in junior high, meaning she s in 9th grade I never heard of that, although this was published in 1957 and maybe schools were different then Anyway, Donna and her BFF Ricky are separated by being in different classes and different clubs They are each developing their own personalities apart from each other Donna is involved in the school newspaper and Ricky is in dramatics But some mysterious things are afoot in Summerfield stay tuned. I did so love these books when I was a kid I remember buying them for.59 at Kresge s when I had money or asking for them for Christmas Man, were things a LOT simpler then I read the Donna Parker series when I was 10 or 11 I found one in a thrift store recently that I didn t own so I decided to re read the series this year I am enjoying revisiting them They are a charming nostalgic read. When your sister gives you a blockbuster book like this for your birthday, you read it and you like it My Mom read these as a young teen and my grandparents had all of her books at their house Every summer I spent a lot of time at my grandparents so I read all of my mother s books I loved Donna Parker and her friends I re read one of these recently and I have to admit I found it just as charming as I did when I first read it. Read this whole series as a young girl My daddy brought home the first one for me to read when I was in about 4th grade and home sick from school It was the first big book I remember reading and I was hooked on reading from that point on Like the Nancy Drew books, I read every one of these books that I could find I couldn t find many in the book lists, but I know there were bunches The ones I liked were the Donna Parker, Student Nurse stories That started my love afair with medical stories. This was a very cute, Nancy Drew like book the only thing I didn t really like about it was the fact that the author kept stressing that eveyone needed to vote and it got rather anoying but other then that I really liked it

[Ebook] Donna Parker, Special Agent By Marcia Martin –
  • Donna Parker, Special Agent
  • Marcia Martin
  • English
  • 12 July 2018
  • 9789877765229