The Masqueraders

The Masqueraders Prudence And Robin Tremaine, Are Children Of The Notorious And Brilliant Viscount Of Barham, Find Themselves On The Wrong Side Of The Jacobite Rebellion The Brothers Have Been Dissemblers Since They Were Children And In This Age Of Slippery Politics, They Need To Be Their Infamous Adventurer Father Has Taught Prudence And Her Brother Robin To Be Masters Of Disguise To Escape Detection, The Viscount Sends His Offspring On The Road To London, Each Masquerading As The Opposite Sex Prudence Pretending To Be A Dashing Young Buck, And Robin As A Lovely Young LadyDuring The Travelling To London To Meet Their Eccentric And Rather Wayward Father, They Take A Break For A Meal, And Overhear What Is Clearly A Reluctant Elopement And Decide To Get Involved It Quickly Becomes Clear That The Brother And Sister Are Not Exactly What They Seem To Be For They It Is Nothing To Rescue The Charming Letitia Grayson, A Rich Heiress From Her Abductor But Once Committed To Their Masquerade, They Must See It Through And Now, With Their Own Iives At Stake, They Hid In The Very Limelight Of London SocietyAs Peter Merriot, Captivating Prudence Became The Favorite Companion Of Dashing And Elegant Aristocrat Sir Anthony Fanshawe, Her Guise That Become Highly Inconvenient When She Falls For Him, Even Though Discovery Of Her True Identity Meant Death Just As It Seemed As Though Her Mad Pose Might Succeed, She Was Challenged To A Duel Prudence Knew It Would Not He Long Before This Tall, Sleepy Eyed Gentleman Fathomed Her Desperate Secret The Two Masqueraders Must Find A Way To Unmask Themselves Without Losing Their Lives With just a whiff of Twelfth Night about it, this Georgian era novel by Georgette Heyer is lots of cross dressing, romantic, swashbuckling fun hidden identities, love interests two for the price of one also, a little difficult when you re posing as the opposite sex, but trust love to find a way , a couple of sword fights, an attempted elopement or two, a bit of a mystery, and a master manipulator pulling the strings.A brother and sister, Peter and Kate Merriot, are traveling to London in the late 1740s, soon after the unsuccessful Jacobite rebellion They stop at an inn and discover an elopement in process Letitia Grayson, a lovely and naive young heiress, is running away with Gregory Markham But Letty has realized that Markham is an unkind brute and is trying to back out The Merriots decide they need to get involved and help Letty out, to great comic effect The villain is successfully sent on a wild goose chase, just before Sir Anthony Fanshawe, a mountain of a man think very large but swift on his feet linebacker type arrives to whisk Letty back to London She s happy to go along once she realizes that Sir Anthony doesn t have any romantic intentions toward her But someone else is interested in Sir Anthony Peter Merriot, who is actually Prude
I love this book so much I loved it when it started with a pair of siblings chatting about whether they should rescue the young, eloping heiress in the next room from a drunken suitor I loved it when it turned out there was crossdressing I loved it MORE when Prudence got to be awesome while dressed as a man and her suitor loved her not despite her pretending to be a guy but because she did so with aplomb and sheer awesomeness.Plus, once Dad shows up, every scene can be summarized like this.Lord Tresomethingorother I m the long lost Lord of Tresomethingorother Pru Oh, my god You re going to get us all hanged.LT No, for real this time, I really am.Robin Yeah, remember when you made us be JACOBITES Or when you had us crossdress in polite London Society LT I m SO AWESOME, why are you questioning my AWESOME.Pru and Robin eyeroll Tony I want to take your daughter away and marry her and keep her safe.LT PSHAW You don t need to keep her safe I ll keep her safe.Robin Actually, Pru will keep HERSELF safe Or I ll take her away to France.Pru Tony, I can t marry you I m an ADVENTURESS I ll drag your name
I think this particular Heyer improves on rereading.My earlier reads found it confused confusing This time I remembered enough of the plot from previous reads to keep up with the fast pace all the twists turns GH has a lot of balls in the air with this one she doesn t drop a single one.I find GH s Georgians a lot romantic than her Regencies certainly in their language declarations of love I am to wait then You deny me the right to protect you now You have me at your feet, sir, she said unsteadily, but I do deny you I must What can one do but swoon However, there is still her trademark humour Sir Anthony had risen at his entrance, and bowed now You stand in no danger from me, sir My lord surveyed him haughtily I stand in no danger from anyone, my dear Sir Anthony You have no knowledge of me You are to be pitied Envied, like, said his undutiful son. But as much as I did enjoy this read, this book will never be a 5 Heyer for me, as there is an important plot point I can t get past
A swashbuckling, gothic, romantic adventure tale that manages to indulge in all the delicious mystery, suspense and dramatics that it wants without ever quite losing its sense of humor about itself It is a period piece, even earlier than the usual Heyer genre, set just after the 45 Rising, and Heyer adjusts her dialogue, characters, and storytelling to match Tis the tale of a pair of siblings, Prudence and Robin, who indulge in the time honored literary sibling fun of cross dressing and exchanging genders they are escaped Jacobites and habitual adventurers, you see Throw in a swooning, put upon heiress with dreams of romance, an indolent, intelligent mountain, of a hero, and one of Heyer s most memorable characters that of the old gentleman, father of Prudence and Robin as dazzlingly arrogant as he is dazzlingly capable and stylish , some abductions, seductio
Full of adventure, mystery, wit and romance, The Masqueraders is absolutely entertaining Implicated in the Jacobite rebellion, Robin seeks refuge in London with his sister, Prudence What better way to disguise oneself in such a pickle than to switch gender roles with your sibling Introducing themselves into society as Kate and Peter Merriot, brother and sister take on their new performances with much finesse and charm What woman could make a prettier and convincing sight than Robin, dressed as Kate Merriot His curtseys were masterpieces of grace the air with which he held out his hand to young gallants so consummate a piece of artistry that Prudence was shaken with silent laughter He seemed to know by instinct how to flirt his fan, and how to spread his wide skirts for the curtsey And, Prudence, now our dear Mr Merriot, keeps her cool as she is received into the gentleman s club, a place she surely never before set foot Card parties, somewhat coarse language, and drunken men are all taken in stride by our admirable heroine More intrigue ensues when their exceedingly shrewd father appears in town to make claim to his fortune as the long lost heir, my Lord Barham We quickly l
Georgette Heyer is of course best known for her historical romances set in the Regency years of 1811 to 1820, but in fact she wrote a good number of romantic novels set in other eras including The Masqueraders, which takes place in the immediate aftermath of Bonny Prince Charlie s failed attempt to gain the British crown in 1745 This story has many of the elements of her Regencies, but nonetheless a very different flavor We open with a brother and sister on a journey toward London On putting up at an inn for the night, they discover that the other guests are a pair of runaways headed for Gretna Green and the female half has turned reluctant Through a hastily constructed plan that includes improvised deception and some tricky swordplay, they manage to foil the elopement and rescue the young lady before proceeding calmly along their way to London.Through this encounter they meet a deceptively sleepy gentleman, Sir Anthony Fanshawe, and attract enemies the frustrated eloper and his crony, Viscount Barham, who is having his title challenged by someone claiming to be a long lost brother of the previous viscount Through the kind of
I am in love with this book Completely This has surpassed ANYTHING I could have imagined Heyer could do The Masqueraders is simply amazing It is a novel of pure genius Lord Barham IS a genius I loved him so much He was completely hilarious with his proud and conceited attitude, but the fact of the matter is that he WAS right He wasn t even boasting for nothing, he was actually awesome And Prudence and Robin How I loved them too They were perfect Robin made me laugh so much when he was acting Miss Merriot Hahahaah Flirting with Sir Anthony And that habit of his of calling the latter the mammoth or the mountain It made me laugh every time it was just too funny Sir Anthony was an amazing character as well, I loved his personality and the way he kept pretending to be bored and lazy Prudence was the best heroine ever she wasn t one of those silly chit who just sit there doing nothing, waiting for a guy to sweep her off her feet like Letitia No She was down to earth, brave, courageous, generous, playing along with the masquerade in an honourable way and never betraying fear She was awesome This book was awesome It s definitely going on the to read again list I loved the way the siblings kept calling themselves child it was so cute Prudence and Robin had one of the
On my rereading its still a Five This will remain one of my favorite Georgian Heyer s, right up there with The Convenient Marriage and These Old Shades Prudence and Robin have had to change their identities because of their father s involvement in the Jacobite Rebellion Since Prudence is tall for a lady and on the thin side she takes on the identity of Mr Peter Merriot, who is, as Sir Anthony thinks, rather sharp at cards for a man so young Robin has is blessed cursed with being much shorter that a young man likes to be, so he is dubbed Miss Kate Merriot.It turns out to be the masquerade of their lives, and may cost them then they ever bargained for But they bargained without Sir Anthony, and he has a trick or two up his sleeve The Mammoth or Mountain as Sir Anthony is called because of his great bulk, reminds me of The Scarlet Pimpernel s lazy manner that hides a man who misses nothing Prudence, is charming as Mr Merriot and her brother Robin makes a darling Kate Merrior I think this facade can be likened to The Count of Monte Cristo just because of the masquerade going on I love Robin
Set a little earlier than most of Heyer s stories, this is a concoction of duels and hidden identities, and the two children of a long time confidence trickster very similar to the rogue in The Foundling, except this time not an antagonist.Pru and Robin each dressed as the opposite gender start out with a display of their skill neatly rescuing a reluctant elopee, before settling in to wait on their father, and meantimes embroil themselves in romantic entanglements.There s a lot of fun to be had with this book, though I must admit that neither of the romances quite work for me Robin and Letitia s is interesting only for Robin s impostiture and his romantic rescues Letitia herself seems to have won Robin s heart simply by being pretty and innocent and, well, there.Pru and Tony have foundation as a couple, but their relationship also falls into the trap that so many competent women romances do Pru, in her mid twenties, has been dissembling all her life, and is very competent at many things yet her brother is competent at everything, even being a woman , and her romantic match is better than Pru at everything except the cross dressing Tony quickly sees through her disguise, repeatedly gets to rescue her, and shows a tendency to try to prevent her from making her own decisions, or live the life she has long been living.Pru definitely wants to live a normal life, and is even pleased about the prospect of being an obedient wife Butit felt like she
This was actually my first ever Heyer, a few years ago On a reread I was sadly disappointed I find both romances to be boring, Sir Anthony Fanshawe irritatingly domineering, and I was actually so bored that I skipped the last few chapters Lord Barham is essentially