Devil's Cub

Devil's CubDominic Alistair, Marquis Of Vidal And Fiery Son Of The Notorious Duke Of Avon, Has Established A Rakish Reputation That Rivals His Father S, Living A Life Of Excess And Indulgence He Is A Bad Lot A Rake And Seducer, Reckless, Heedless, And Possessed Of A Murderous Temper He Is Known By Friend And Foe Alike As The Devil S Cub Yet As The Handsome And Wealthy Heir To A Dukedom, He Is Considered A Good Prospect On The Marriage Market Vidal Currently Has His Eye On The Young, Lovely, And Unintelligent Sophia Challoner, And Sophia S Greedy Mother Is Than Happy To Encourage His Dubious Attentions Banished To The Continent After Wounding His Opponent In A Duel, Vidal Decides To Abduct The Silly Aristocrat Bent On Seducing Him Into Marriage And Make Her His Mistress Instead In His Rush, However, He Seems To Have Taken The Wrong Woman Intelligent, Practical Mary Challoner Knew Wicked Vidal, Wouldn T Marry Her Sister, Despite Her Mother S Matchmaking Schemes So Mary Coolly Prepared To Protect Her Naive Sister By Deceiving Vidal Substituting Herself For Her Young Sister, She Certainly Hadn T Expected The Nobleman To Kidnap And Take Her To France She Had Little Notion He Would Grimly Hold Her To Her Part Of The Bargain Now He Had Left Her, And She Was Alone, A Stranger In A Strange Land, Prey To The Intrigues Of Glittering, Heartless, 18th Century Paris Only One Person Could Rescue Her The Marquis Himself But How Could She Ever Trust This Man How Could She Even Hope To Overcome The Contempt In Which He Held Her And How Could Even The Sudden Flowering Of Her Love Ever Bridge The Terrible Gap Between Them Mary Challoner is a practical girl She s well educated She has common sense She needs to be sensible, since her widowed mother and her lovely younger sister Sophia are so utterly bubble headed So, logically, she realizes that it s insane to get a crush on Vidal, the sexy rake who s been pursuing Sophia.Nevertheless, when Mary accidentally finds out that Vidal has convinced Sophia to run off to Paris with him in the middle of the night to begin a relationship without the benefit of marriage, she conceives of the idea of taking Sophia s place in the carriage, hiding her identity until it s too late to get Sophia Then Mary will tell Vidal that Sophia helped plan the switcheroo, to put him off pursuing the relationship with her sister further Haha Then he will shamefacedly let her return home, and the Marquis will darken their doorstep no That s the plan, anyway If there are any ulterior motives there at all, Mary s not admitting them, even to herself It will surprise no one to learn that Mary s plan doesn t go as expected But really, that s where
Update I found it a LOT funnier on second reading I laughed from the beginning with What have you done with the corpse, my boy Done with it WHAT SHOULD I DO WITH A CORPSE to the end Give Sophia a glass We re drinking your health IT S MARY Contains spoilers and strong language They re all mad, every one of em, That s what I thought at about 1 3 of the book, and then I decided to view this story as just a fun, silly screw ball comedy.And.I loved it When I put Devil s Cub down, I was sorry it was over, and felt that I had truly read a masterpiece Though the characters are particularly silly and irrational, and the plot exaggerated and totally improbable, it was a really good read merely for the humour and satire that Heyer seemed to have bestowed on the period The whole book is so silly, in a way, that one wonders whether or not Heyer meant it as satire Devil s Cub is in no way a These Old Shades number two It is in fact so different that I needed to adjust to the style of it before coming
Okay, this isn t my favorite Heyer mainly due to the fact that I m not highly enthused by anything that takes place in France about 20 years prior to the French Revolution 1789 I m constantly distracted by the thought, Laugh it up, chuckleheads, it ll be off with your motherfuckin heads soon enough Foreknowledge kills some of my enjoyment While this book is awesome, I d recommend going with one of Heyer s Regency novels For instance, Frederica, Sylvester or Arabella Or The Corinthian You know what I ll just make you a list Anyway, do you like Regency romance novels Well, Georgette Heyer invented that shit READ SOMETHING BY HER.And if you happen to read her at a very young age you may come to the conclusion that some gentleman will eventually discover your innate awesomeness, no matter what state of degradation you live in, and make you a Duchess or, at the very least, extremely rich This is unlikely to happen.But fuck it The books are totally ra
Written November 9, 20144 1 2 Stars Magnificently adventurous, fun and romantic in a still strong 1930 s Pre Regency Devil s Cub is an quite old romance novel from 1932 by Georgette Heyer Mrs Heyer is an British classic author that I completely missed in my earlier reading life I m so glad i found her at last From a recommendation and help from Sofia of course Thanks dear This ended in a very fun last minute weekend buddy read buddy listening with my always so sweet book loving friends Sofia, Irina and Rosa, with great support from Kathleen I loved it Simply perfect for an old Ms Austen loverJolly Good I just finished my listening to a lovely old classic This was so much fun and a lot of chuckling What a journey with so many nice and amusing characters, a great romance plot and so very well told London and Paris in the 1780 s From the audiobook blurb The excesses of the young Marquis of Vidal are even wilder than his father s before him Not for nothing is the reckless duelist and gamester called the Devil s Cub But when he is forced to leave the country, Mary Challoner discovers his fiendish plan to abduct her sister And only by daring to impersonate her can Mary save her from certain ruin And there start this adventorous love tale Dev
Oh boy, I still feel lightheaded after finishing the book While I always count on Georgette Heyer to give me an entertaining read, this is beyond my expectation It s the best love hate relationship I ve read in a long time Some scenes were so freaking romantic, it still tugs at my heart What s , it s all written without so much as a kiss Yes, there s one kiss at the end, in case you wonder That s the strength of well written characters Current YA authors could learn a lesson or two from Georgette Heyer s writing Intense chemistry can exist without all that kissing and touching In case of Devil s Cub, the anticipation of what s going to happen actually made it enticing and passionate The dialogue were lively and hilarious, yet amazingly consistent with each individual character The boy hates girl, girl loathes boy, then turns into love theme has been done countless times, but in Devil s Cub, the emotion and story felt not only refreshing, but also natural The good girl, Mary, wanted to save her silly sister from ruin by a known hot te
Instagram Twitter Facebook Pinterest Read for the Unapologetic Romance Readers Halloween 2017 Reading Challenge for the category of a romance written by an author who is dead There might not be any sex in Georgette Heyer regency romances, but man that woman can pack drama into these puppies than Julia Quinn at her most malicious DEVIL S CUB is downright soap opera ish in terms of scope and characterization.The plot is basically this hold onto your bonnets Dominic Dominique for some reason his name is spelled two different ways here is a marquis and a rake and a wastrel who has resolved not to marry, instead flitting about with mistresses until he tires of them His current prospect is a girl named Sophia Challoner Her mother, foolishly, encourages the affair, thinking that she can use her daughter s pending disgrace as a means of trapping the marquis into marriage Sophia is than willing to let Dominique use her Her sister, Mary, is the only one who thinks this is stupid WARNING SPOILERS One day, Dominique accidentally sends his plans for elopement to the wrong sister he s forced to flee the country after mortally wounding a man in a duel Wanting to save her sister, Mary goes in Sophia s p
Hoo, boy.I will start off with this thought I almost think this is a Poe It s obviously a comedy all of Heyer s romances are But is the comedy just in the supporting characters, the completely implausible plot and anachronistic contents, and the ridiculous conversations about fashions of the late 1700s Or is it also in the supposed romantic attachments portrayed in the book I want to think that Heyer s book here is a Verhoevenesque masterpiece, an explosion of the totally wacky and conflicting sexual desires of and societal expectations for respectable women, both contemporary and historical Devil s Cub, what is up with thee Well, for starters 1 Rape y, murder y Vidal Our hero Who really doesn t stop being thoroughly reprehensible throughout the whole story 2 Mary Challoner, our ostensibly sensible heroine who nevertheless does dumb things at least 50% of the time, including believing she can fix and manage our hero You know, the one who threatened her and throttled her and abducted her and then tried to rape her until she shot him.Then when she shot him, he finally realized she wasn t a slut, so then he totally respected her enough to try and force her to marry him instead, even though she repeatedly said she did not want to But that was still totally
Mary Challoner is in a bind, she have to stop her feather brain sister from running away to Pairs and becoming the mistress of the Marquis of Vidal Knowing only one way , Mary takes her sister s place and tricks the Marquis, only her plan backfires when she s dragged along to Pairs with him Vidal can t believe his rotten luck of late, after shooting a man for calling him a cheat at cards, then having to run off to Pairs to avoid going to trial, Vidal thought getting a girl to run away with him would be the easy part, but when her straight laced sister tricks him into thinking she was her sister, in a fit in a rage drags her along with him Only when he finds out her a woman of virtue, asks her for her hand in marriage, only to be surprised again when she says NO Mary and Vidal match wits and trade banter between them as their family closes in on them from both sides and when all hells breaks loose, they find out they just can t live without each other and their love What a wonderful read that once I started I couldn t put it down almost zooming through 250 pages Vidal is hell on two legs, a rake with a true devil may care attitude that can kill without a blink of an eye Which gets him over his head in trouble when h
Thank goodness for Mary Challoner Not my favorite Heyer heroine by any means, but at least she s a semi normal, sympathetic human being Otherwise this would ve been a dnf as I hated every single other character Especially Leonie
Holy Moly Georgette Heyer is brilliant, and this is one of her most famous regency novels.Itstwo worlds colliding One world is the over the top one of handsome, passionate cruel rakes, who love duelling, drinking, gambling, screw ok, you get the picture This is the world from which the hero, a marquis, named Dominic, hails The other is down to earth, normal practical world where someone knows the cost of a pint of milk, where to buy curtains,and has sensible bedtimes This is the world from which the heroine, named Mary, hails.Mary is normal, sensible not boring smart and real.Dominic ismadder than a bag of spanners He s a real aristo, and will kill people in a duel at the drop of a hat, seduce women right,left and centre.On his way to a party, he ll shoot highwaymen and leave their corpses in the road,as one does etc etc All while in the type of tight pants that leave NOTHING to the imagination And, of course, he s jaw droppingly handsome And a complete dick.He and Mary wouldnt ordinarily meet, but she has a beautiful younger sister, who if around now, would make Paris Hilton look like a member of Mensa She s been leading Dominic on after meeting at the regency equivalent of a mall, thinking marriage, but Mr Bad Boy is only thinking leg over When Domi